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A Yakima coffee roaster should be as different as Yakima coffee drinkers. We don’t live in Seattle, Portland, or San Francisco and we don’t drink coffee for the same reasons as they do. To our big city cousins, drinking coffee is all about seeing and being seen in some swank, safe-zone, coffee shop, with their double decaf, no-fat, white mocha, whip cream, and sprinkles.

Yakima CoffeeNot us. As the premier Yakima Coffee Roaster, we know that you have places to go, work to get done, and people to take care of. For you coffee isn’t a stimulant, it’s a time to relax; a time to truly enjoy the moment; where the world slows down and shrinks to just you and that soul satisfyingly smooth cup of real coffee.

Best Yakima Coffee Roaster Coffee

  1. The Best Beans That Money Can Buy – We prefer Central American coffee that’s single source, high altitude, hand picked, and sun dried.
  2. Lightly Roasted – That would be old fashioned Low-n-Slow over an open fire
  3. Super Fresh – Here’s a truth you can take to the bank. The fresher the roast, the better the coffee.
  4. Make it at Home – Believe it or now, home made coffee is way better than the industrial burnt-n-bitter coffee that you find in all coffee shops.

You deserve fresh coffee that’s roasted for you, not the Seattle masses.  For some reason, Yakima Coffee Roasters generally let the big industrial coffee roasters to dictate what kind of coffee you like.  They seem to think that you want the same burnt and bitter industrial coffee that the west coasters love.

Whole Bean Coffee

Yakima Coffee RoasterAs a true whole bean coffee lover, I’m betting that want a Yakima Coffee Roaster that understands you and what you want.  This is why we only offer three roasts, white, medium, and barely dark.  You also won’t find any “blends”.  Blends are in fact little more than marketing hyped developed by New York advertising agencies.  Additionally, we at Lake City Coffee only offer single sources gourmet coffee beans from one high altitude organic farmer in Costa Rica.

Lake City Coffee is the absolute best Yakima Coffee Roaster. No brag – Just Fact.

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