Best Whole Bean Decaf Coffee

Lake City Coffee’s whole bean decaf coffee is so good, that most people can’t tell the difference between it and our regular whole bean coffee. Let me tell you why our decaf coffee is better than anywhere else that you’re likely to find.


How Industrial Coffee Companies Make Decaf

coffee vatNearly all of the industrial coffee companies make decaf coffee the same way. That's why most decaf coffee tastes nasty.

Fortunately, decaf doesn’t have to taste nasty. Before we talk about why our decaf coffee is different, let’s first look at why our competition's decaf coffee tastes nasty.

Chemically Decaffeinated Coffee

Scary scientist drawingUnfortunately, a vast majority of the decaf coffee sold in the U.S. has been decaffeinated using chemical solvents.

These chemicals are very similar to formaldehyde. Yep, the same chemical used to embalm dead people. It’s no wonder that most people dislike decaf coffee.

Burnt Decaf Coffee

Industrial Decaf CoffeeBecause most decaf coffee has been so chemically tortured, that the large industrial coffee companies feel compelled to burn the snot out of their decaf coffee.

By burning the beans, they think that you’re never going to be able to taste the chemicals. Be that as it may, as you drink their coffee, you’ll also never be able to taste the bean.

coffee for truck drivers and astronauts

The Cheapest Beans

Because the large industrial coffee companies, use toxic chemicals to decaffeinate their beans, and then burn them to a crisp, why would they buy good beans? They don’t. It’d be a waste of money to buy expensive beans just to mutilate them into submission.

moldy decaf coffeeOld and Stale Decaf Beans

All coffee starts going stale, and thus bitter, in just a matter of a few short weeks. Unfortunately, even the best space-age packaging can’t stop coffee from going stale over time.

Unfortunately, a vast majority of coffee sold in the U.S., especially decaf coffee, has been sitting in warehouses and on store shelves for months if not years. No wonder it tastes bitter and burnt.

Woman winking while drinking coffee

Pre-ground Coffee

Inside coffee beans are oils. These oils contain bioflavonoids, antioxidants, caffeine, and flavor.

When a company pre-grinds their beans, those beans loose their oils much quicker than whole bean coffee. Always buy whole bean decaf coffee.

Our Whole Bean Decaf Coffee

We get more positive comments from our decaf customers than any other roast. Just check out our “Reviews” page. And these decaf customers are our most rabid fans. Here’s why:

Russell & Alisha In Costa Rica

Russell & Alisha In Costa Rica

Best Beans That Money Can Buy

Close to 99% of all coffee companies never taste test the beans that they buy. On rare occasion a small local roaster will taste test two or three beans. On the other hand, Alisha and I taste test two dozen different beans each year, just to pick one.

After nearly a decade of coffee roasting, I’ve found that the most consistently smooth and flavorful coffees come from the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. That means that we source 100% of our beans, every year, from this region.

Costa Rican Picker

Costa Rican Beans

The major industry in Costa Rica is “Echo Tourism”, i.e. tree hugger’s paradise. Costa Rica’s earth-saving farming techniques put the U.S.’s “organic” practices to shame. As you can tell, I’m not an environmentalist, BUT what I can appreciate is the quality of Costa Rica’s coffee. I’ll put Costa Rica's coffee up against any coffee in the world including Hawaii’s Kona Coffee. Click Here to see the article and video “Best Kona Coffee vs. Best Costa Rican Coffee – Smackdown”.

The reason we’re so picky is that we have a very specific taste profile that we’re looking for:

  • Smooth as silk
  • Strong chocolate notes
  • Minor notes of whatever God decides should be in those beans; often citrus, nut, earthy, bark, cherry, etc.
  • The flavors must be well balanced and integrated.

Bag of Swiss water processed decaf beans

Swiss Water Processed Decaf

Nothing is as natural and safe and right as 100% pure water. The Swiss water process that we use to decaffeinate our coffee has zero chemicals.

Using pure mountain water that’s naturally filtered, the green beans are soaked in several stainless-steel baths. The water is then put through a reverse osmosis to remove the caffeine. The beans are then reintroduced to the same water to put back the rest of the oils containing the bioflavonoids, antioxidants, and flavor.

Russell roasting beans

Russell roasting beans

Gently Roasted

Unlike our competition, we feel that the decaf beans have already been through enough manipulation. Therefore, they deserve to be “gently” roasted, low-n-slow, which is exactly what I do with our decaf coffee. This method preserves more of the bean’s natural oils.

Instead of burning our decaf beans, I intentionally roast our decaf beans to a dark brown. Again, I do this to preserve the oils within the bean.
Woman drinking coffee

Fresh Roasted

We roast and ship every Tuesday morning. In fact, the beans are so freshly roasted, that they’re still warm when I put them into you shipping box. Most orders are delivered fresh in 48 hours anywhere in the U.S. With coffee this fresh, it’s hard to find coffee better than this.

If you order 3 bags, so you get free shipping, then you want that 3rd bag to taste as fresh as possible. After months of experimenting, I found a real cool trick that will in fact make your 3rd bag of coffee taste darn near as good as your first bag. For details on preserving your beans, Read This Article.

Russell and Alisha

Russell and Alisha

Lake City Coffee

What makes Lake City Coffee different? First of all, we’re a small family run business. So, our close communication and friendship with our customers is very unusual.

Additionally, if you’re looking for some of the best coffee that you’re likely to find anywhere, AND have fun people to work with, then you’ll love checking out our coffee, our business, and us.

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