Best Whole Bean Coffee

Selecting the best coffee beans that money can buy; roasting them to perfection; and delivering those beans from roaster to your table in 24-72 hours are only 50% of the best whole bean coffee equation. The other half is all about your brewing technique. Let’s dive in and nail down exactly how to create the best coffee experience of your life.

Smoothest Coffee Beans

Best Whole Bean Coffee

Coffee beans, much like wine grapes, come in a variety of flavors. The variables that produce those flavors are numerous. Coffee beans alone have over 100 different molecules, each with its own flavor.

I love super smooth coffee, that is to say, coffee without any bitter flavor. If it ain’t smooth, it’ ain’t worth drinking. Add to smooth the flavor of chocolate and nut, and dude you have me.

So where do the smoothest coffee beans come from? Keep in mind that I taste test well over a hundred different beans each year. Those beans come from nearly every coffee growing country in the world.

In my humble opinion, the smoothest coffee beans come from Central America; and the smoothest beans in Central America come from Costa Rica; and the smoothest beans in Costa Rica come from the Tarrazu region. This is where we source 100% of our coffee.

Sourcing The Perfect Bean

best whole bean coffee

It’s a sad fact that most roasters never taste-test (cup) their coffee beans before buying them. A few roasters will cup two or three beans before buying. But nearly no-one will cup dozens of beans before buying, except me.

I purchase, roast, and brew only what I like; and I like super smooth, non-bitter, coffee with prominent notes of chocolate and nut, with (depending on the year) subtle notes of berry or citrus.

Knowing exactly what I’m looking for, makes me a coffee wholesaler’s nightmare. The big and even medium sized wholesalers hate working with me, because I want to taste test everything they have from the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica.

As it turns out, the smaller, family owned and run Costa Rican coffee co-ops are willing to send me dozens of samples to try. Having a direct line to the growers is a huge help in finding this year’s perfect bean.

Secured Coffee Supply Chain

Costa Rican Tarrazu

As most people are aware, there are a lot of challenges that bugger-up the coffee supply chain. Currently, coffee deliveries that normally would arrive here in June are showing up in September and in some cases October. Thus, coffee prices, and nearly everything else has skyrocketed. You can thank our politicians for that.

Seeing this supply chain snafu coming, I spent weeks cupping dozens of beans from the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica, in order to secure my supply of beans for the next 12 months. We’re set and you’re secure that we’ll have our green beans way before you need them roasted.

Roasting The Best Whole Bean Coffee

Best Light Roast Coffee Beans

Americans are known world-wide for roasting the worst coffee in the world. Why? Because Americans typically burn the snot out of their coffee beans. Thus, what you end up with is little more than charcoal. That being the case, you might as well be drinking Kingsford Charcoal.

Large industrial coffee companies are more interested in cutting costs, than providing a top quality product to their customers. Burnt coffee has a long shelf-life and it’s tough to tell good expensive beans from bad cheap beans when they’re all burnt beyond recognition.

As opposed to roasting hot-n-fast like the industrial coffee companies, I and Lake City Coffee roasts our coffee low-n-slow up to a dark brown, but never black. That’s one reason our coffee tastes so good and is also easy on the stomach.

Fresh Whole Bean Coffee

making the best black coffee

When it comes to fresh roasted coffee, here’s a truth that you’ll never hear from the industrial coffee roasting companies. All coffee starts going stale as soon as it’s roasted. In a week, you can tell the difference. In a month, the difference is so significant that you’ll wish you had more of the “fresh” stuff.

Unfortunately, there is very little you, or anyone, can do to stop coffee from going stale (bitter). That being said, I do have one “coffee preservation hack” that will make your last bag of coffee taste almost as fresh as your first bag. For that secrete hack, CLICK HERE.

Brewing The Best Whole Bean Coffee

what is blonde coffee

If you’re wanting super smooth, zero bitter coffee, with a variety of natural flavors, then how you brew your coffee is a significant factor. In fact, picking the right beans, roasting them to perfection, and delivering them to your table is only half of the awesome-cup-of-coffee equation.

The other 50% of the equation is how you brew your coffee. Some brewing techniques lend themselves to in-your-face bold coffee. Other brewing techniques bring out the smoothness, natural sweetness, and subtle flavors of your coffee beans. For a complete and detailed explanation of how to brew smooth coffee, CLICK HERE.

Best Brewing Technique

Loving smooth coffee, I prefer the following techniques. For more detail go to our menu at the top of any page, hover over the “FAQ” tab, and select the best article. Keep in mind that there is a balancing act between smoothness and taste. If the coffee is super smooth, then there’s not a lot of taste. On the other hand if the coffee is super tasteful, then it’s not likely to also be smooth.

Fresh Roasted Coffee
  1. Cold-Brew – This is by far the smoothest coffee brewing technique that I’ve ever experienced. That being said, it doesn’t produce a lot of taste. Again, for more information look under the “FAQ” tab for “Brewing Equipment Recommendations”.
  2. AeroPress – This little device is dirt cheap ($29) and produces the second smoothest coffee and second most flavorful coffee that I’ve ever experienced. It’s also my all time favorite, because it hits that sweet spot right between smoothness and flavor. Again, for more information look under the “FAQ” tab for “Brewing Equipment Recommendations”.
  3. French Press – If you don’t mind sacrificing a little smoothness for a lot more flavor, then the French Press is most likely for you. Again, for more information look under the “FAQ” tab for “Brewing Equipment Recommendations”.

Lake City Coffee

conservative coffee roaster
Russell Roasting

Alisha and I started Lake City Coffee for only one purpose and that was to provide the best whole bean coffee for the best home coffee brewing experience that you’re likely to find anywhere.

To that end, we have selected the smoothest and most flavorful coffee beans that money can buy. We then roast those beans to order every Tuesday morning and then ship them via Priority Mail, usually arriving anywhere in the U.S. in 24-72 hours.

From Our Roaster To Your Table In 24-72 Hours

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