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Best Whole Bean Coffee

My customers and I love coffee that’s smooth as silk with distinct natural flavors of cream, milk chocolate, and nut. So for us, we think the best whole bean coffee comes from the Costa Rican Tarrazu region, and specifically from the Don Roberto plantations.

The trick to great coffee is having fresh beans. That means that Lake City Coffee measures freshness by the hour. That’s why I gently roast and ship early every Tuesday morning. When your coffee is this fresh, it’s bound to be the best whole bean coffee in the world. No brag, just fact.  

Delectable Dark

You’ve probably never experienced a dark roast coffee like our Costa Rican Tarrazu Don Roberto.

You see, other roasters intentionally burn their coffee. Our dark roast, on the other hand, is barely “dark”, which means that you can actually taste the bean and there’s also a very small hint of that burnt flavor that you’re used to.

Our Delectable Dark is perhaps the best coffee that you’ll ever try.  This is one soul satisfyingly smooth cup of coffee.  If you’ve always wondered what real coffee tastes like, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this.

$18 per 14 ounce bag

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Majestic Medium

If you don’t like burnt and bitter industrial coffee, then you’ll love our Costa Rican Tarrazu Don Roberto. With most coffees, all you can taste is the roaster (bitter & burnt).

For our Medium Roast we intentionally select beans for a taste that’s as smooth as silk with several distinct flavors like dark chocolate, and nut. Then we lightly roast these beans to perfection. This is one smooth and sophisticated cup of coffee. 

$18 per 14 ounce bag

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White Lightning

You might be thinking, “White? Really? White Coffee?” Yep. And if you think that sounds weird, then you’d be right. There’s nothing special about the beans. We still use our super high quality Costa Rican Tarrazu Don Roberto beans. To make it white coffee, we just very lightly roast the beans. They come out of the roaster somewhere between yellow and gold.

Our white whole bean coffee “White Lightning” doesn’t taste like “normal” coffee.  It tastes more like a super smooth, very slight nutty tea, almost like peanut butter.  Oh, and it’s great for mixing 80% dark and 20% white.  You talk about a relaxing moment with your coffee. This is it!   And here’s the kicker.  White coffee has double the caffeine than dark coffee.

One word of caution, these beans are hard. You’ll want a good conical burr grinder, or a hammer, depending on your mood.

$18 per 14 ounce bag 

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We receive more compliments on our Decaf than all our other roasts put together.  That’s because you’d be hard pressed to notice the difference between our decaf and our “Majestic Medium”. 

Additionally, we decaffeinate our coffee using the all natural Swiss Water Process. This natural water process costs us more, but man what a difference!

For decaf drinkers, you’re going to think that you died and went to heaven. For you hard core full-caffinated junkies, you’ll think, “Gee this isn’t bad at all.”  Give this decaf a try. It’s worth it. 

$18 per 14 ounce bag

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Espresso is a brewing method.  It is not a bean.  It is not even a blend.  To say otherwise is nothing more than 100% bullshit marketing hype.  That being said, you should espresso brew whatever beans that you like; light, medium, dark, Costa Rican, Brazilian, Sumatra, whatever. 

The “only” difference between our whole bean Espresso coffee and our whole bean Delectable Dark is the label on our bag.  But if it makes you happy to buy a bag that says “Espresso”, then here it is for you.  Enjoy!

$18 per 14 oz bag

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