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Tri-Cities coffee drinkers are not like coffee drinkers from Seattle or Portland.  We’re different.  That’s why any Tri-Cities Coffee Roaster should also be different.  We shouldn’t let our big-city cousins dictate to us the definition of good coffee!  That’s why Lake City Coffee was created.  Like you, we wanted old fashioned, down-home, fresh, smooth coffee; not that burnt and bitter industrial yuppie coffee out of Seattle and Portland.

Tri-Cities Coffee RoastersOur Coffee Our Way

Unfortunately, even the local Tri-Cities Coffee Roasters seem to go out of their way to produce a slightly better burnt and bitter coffee.  Why do local Tri-Cities Coffee Roasters do that?  Because they think that’s what you want.  Maybe they’re right that a lot of people are happy with burnt and bitter industrial double shot espresso with non-fat milk, corn syrup flavoring, whip cream, and sprinkles.

But I’m betting that isn’t you.  I’m betting that you have places to go, work to get done, and people to take care of.  You’re more interested in drinking real coffee, than sitting in a “Safe Zone” swank coffee shop.  You want real coffee. So, let’s define what a Tri-Cities Coffee Roaster should think of as real coffee.  Real coffee is coffee that tastes like coffee, not bitter charcoal.  Real coffee has a hint of roasted nuts, is naturally sweet, and is as smooth as premium chocolate.   Real coffee doesn’t need corn syrup flavorings, whip cream, or anything else for that matter.

Tri-Cities Coffee RoasterTri-Cities Coffee Roaster

Likewise, Tri-Cities Coffee Drinkers approach their coffee just like they approach life.  Don’t sugar coat life.  Give us the straight scoop, no BS version.  And that’s exactly what Lake City Coffee serves up.  We don’t want to be the biggest Tri-Cities Coffee Roaster.  If you want real coffee, then we want to be your coffee roaster.  You’ll find us only online.  That way, we can roast and ship to you the same day.  You’ll have the freshest coffee in your hands in 24 hours after roasting or your next order is on us.

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