The World’s Smoothest White Coffee Beans Are Back

At Lake City Coffee, we (Russell & Alisha) specialize in smooth, fresh roasted, whole bean, coffee, which also includes white coffee beans. The operative word here is smooth. Just read this review.

White Coffee Beans
Smoothest Coffee

White coffee beans are, in reality, just very lightly roasted coffee beans. Think of white coffee as the opposite of Charbucks. That’s pretty much it.

They’re not even white. When roasted right, they’re a beautiful golden color.

More important than the beans color is their taste. White coffee actually tastes more like super smooth peanut butter.

The smell alone is enough to make you dive right in.

White Coffee Beans

What makes white coffee beans unique? To answer that, you have to keep in mind these facts. 

  1. The oil within the coffee beans contains all the caffeine, bioflavonoids, antioxidants, and flavor.
  2. Secondly, the darker you roast any coffee beans, the less oil is left over, thus less caffeine and less flavor. Therefore, white coffee has a whole lot more oil, hence a whole lot more caffeine.  Actually, my contains almost double the caffeine compared to Charbucks dark roasted coffee.
  3. White coffee has a unique flavor all its own. White coffee does not taste anything like coffee.  More precisely, most white coffee has a yellow color and tastes like a super smooth grassy tea. BUT not the way I roast it. I roast my white coffee beans just a little bit longer than everyone else, producing a bean that’s golden colored and tastes a bit like peanut butter.

Costa Rican Tarrazu

Costa Rican Tarrazu Coffee
Costa Rica Tarrazu Amapola

Here’s a big question for you. What beans are best suited for white coffee? In all reality, any bean can be used, but if you’re looking for really smooth and delightfully tasteful white coffee, then nothing beats Costa Rican Tarrazu Amapola coffee beans.

That’s why I source all of our beans from this high mountain, shade grown, hand picked, sun dried, coffee cooperative. These beans are unique in the sense that they’re naturally sweet with a slight citrus and nut flavor.

Fresh is The Key

White Coffee Beans
Lake City Coffee’s Team

That’s why Lake City Coffees whole bean White Lighting is gently roasted to a light golden color, then immediately shipped to you. Here’s what I like about our White Lightning.

It’s smooth flavorful, packs a wallop of caffeine and can easily be mixed with my medium or barely dark roasted Costa Rican Tarrazu Amapola.

Give my White Lightning a try. I think you’ll be very satisfied.

Russell Volz

White Coffee Beans


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