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At my age, I didn’t fight my way up the food-chain to retire in a community where I couldn’t get a decent cup of coffee. Unfortunately, in central Florida, all you can find are remixes of Seattle’s burnt and bitter industrial coffee.  You’d think there’d be a decent coffee roaster.

The Villages Coffee RoasterThe Villages Coffee Roaster

I figured out a long time ago, that if you want good coffee, you’d have to make it yourself. And I’m ok with that. But I still have to find local fresh whole bean coffee. That means finding a coffee roaster that knows what they’re doing. Yeh, good luck with that.

Perfect Whole Bean Coffee

Before I tell you where to get the perfect coffee, let me tell you my definition of perfect coffee.

  1. All natural green beans from Central America
  2. Not burnt to a crisp
  3. Super Fresh

Did you know that a vast majority of the roasted coffee sold in the US has been sitting in warehouses or on store shelves for months if not years. And here’s the kicker. All coffee goes stale in 30 days. Yep! And it doesn’t make a lick of difference how the coffee is packaged or stored. That means two things. Nearly all coffee in the US is stale, hence the bitter taste.

The Villages Best Whole Bean CoffeeFresh Roasted Coffee

To compound the bitter taste, the large industrial coffee companies burn the snot out of their beans to increase the shelf life and to hide the bitter taste of the beans. No wonder your stomach doesn’t handle coffee well. That’s all fine and dandy for Seattle. If that’s what they like then good for them, but not for us…, well lets just say “more experienced” coffee drinkers.

So, where can you find super fresh whole bean coffee that’s gently roasted to perfection here in The Villages? You can’t. The best we can do is look online. Check out Lake City Coffee.  I buy the best beans that money can buy, which in my opinion is coffee from Costa Rican Tarrazu region and specifically from the Amapola plantations.  I then lightly roast them; and deliver them to your door within 48 hours of roasting. This is perhaps the best coffee available anywhere.

Additionally, I own Lake City Coffee; I’m its president, direct source buyer, master coffee roaster, chief bottle washer, and VP of the keys. I answer only to God and my wife. So, if your coffee isn’t perfect, it’s my fault and I always make things right.

From Our Roaster To Your Table In 48-72 Hours

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