Sun City Coffee Roaster

Just because a coffee shop has a coffee roaster doesn’t make them a real Sun City Coffee Roaster.  In fact, there’s a big difference between roasting coffee for industrial coffee brewing machines and roasting coffee for home use.  Being a coffee lover, you probably want soul satisfyingly smooth coffee.

Sun City Coffee RoastersA Real Sun City Coffee Roaster?

I’m a senior citizen and I’m not ready for shuffle board and TV. I didn’t bust my butt for sixty years to start slowing down now. Hell. If anything, I want to speed up!  And I’ll bet, that you’re a lot like me. We didn’t fight our way up the food chain to start sipping cheap wine, guzzling bad beer, eating processed turkey bacon, or drinking bad industrial coffee.

Sun City is for people that want more; more fun, good food, better relationships, new experiences, and damn good coffee. Good luck on that last one though. For the most part, Sun City coffee roasters are just little versions of Seattle’s burnt and bitter industrial coffee complex. Generally speaking, Sun City coffee roasters just don’t get it.

Sun City Coffee RoasterFresh Coffee Beans

We want fresh roasted whole bean coffee. The operative word there is “fresh”. One thing I’ve learned about coffee is this. The fresher the bean, the better the coffee. Yet, most Sun City coffee roasters continue to let the northwest industrial coffee companies dictate to us what good coffee is supposed to taste like. I have a clue for them. Burt and bitter doesn’t cut it for us here in Sun City.

Look, we’re all senior citizens here. We’ve been around the block a few times. All we want is good fresh coffee. We don’t need any of that liberal hype about sustainability, fair-trade, environmentally sound, inclusive, and safe-zone crap. Just give us the best whole bean coffee that money can buy.

Sun City Coffee RoasterBest Whole Bean Coffee

We may be senior citizens, but we’re not dead yet. We have the time and money to buy the very best whole bean coffee. Talking about the best, let’s define the best. And I can do that in one sentence; the best beans that money can buy, lightly roasted, and delivered fresh to my door within 48 hours of roasting.

So, the best Sun City Coffee Roaster that you’ll find is Lake City Coffee; owned, managed, and roasted by senior citizens, just like us.

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