Spokane Coffee Roaster Company

Who’s the Best Spokane Coffee Roaster Company? Good question. It all depends on what kind of coffee that you prefer. If you like burnt and bitter industrial coffee, then you have many companies in which to choose. On the other hand, if you like super smooth, non-bitter, non-burnt fresh roasted whole bean coffee, then I’d have to say your options are limited.

campfire coffeeGreat Coffee

Here’s the bottom line. Great coffee starts with great beans. In my humble opinion the smoothest and most flavorful coffee comes from Central America, specifically Costa Rica. The next most important step to making the smoothest coffee is to make sure the beans are gently roasted and fresh roasted.

Fresh roasted means that the beans were roasted in the last few days; not weeks, not months, and certainly not years. Yet, a vast majority of coffee sold right here in Spokane was roasted between 6 months and a year ago. Even if you walk into a local Spokane coffee shop and ask them when the coffee was roasted and most of the time they’ll look at you like you were from Mars.

conservative coffee roasterFresh Roasted

You see, here’s a little know fact. All coffee starts going bitter and stale in just a few weeks; even my coffee. That’s why we roast and ship the same day and that’s also whey I tell all of our customers only to buy enough coffee to get them through the next 3-4 weeks. In fact, I tell them if the coffee is more than 4 weeks past the roast date on the bag, then to toss out the beans. If they don’t then they might as well be drinking Folgers, Starbucks, etc.

Spokane Coffee Roaster Company

Look, if you’re looking for the best Spokane Coffee Roasting Company, then look no further. Lake City Coffee is locally owned, locally roasted, and locally shipped. No, you can’t find our coffee in a grocery store or coffee shop. Why? Because we can get our coffee to you faster, fresher, and less expensive by ordering online or just email me.

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