Help! My Coffee Sucks! vs. Soul Satisfyingly Good Coffee

Have you ever wanted to sit down to some soul satisfyingly good coffee?  Real gourmet coffee?  When your heart is just craving a relaxing smooth moment between you and that cup of coffee. You take one sip, pucker up, and start looking for a spittoon. You just want to scream “Help! My Coffee Sucks!”

Help! My Coffee Sucks!Help! My Coffee Sucks!

In my opinion, 90% of the industrial coffee served in this country isn’t fit for human consumption.   Yet, Americans drink more coffee than any other country on the planet. Why?  Follow the money honey. It comes down to profit. Industrial coffee companies make a boatload of money by packaging cheap and over roasted coffee into really fancy packaging. In fact, there’s more money wrapped up into the coffee packaging than into the beans. And that’s a fact.

As a master Coeur d’Alene Coffee Roaster, I can categorically say, if you want truly soul satisfyingly good coffee, then start by not believing the marketing hype. You are not going to immediately be cooler and appear more sophisticated just because your paper cup has a green logo, or because your coffee bag says “Arabica”, or it has a picture of a burrow on the coffee can. Folks, This is 100% marketing and has little to do with reality. So, ignore the label, ignore the packaging, and ignore the marketing hype.

Coffee BasicsCoffee Myth

Another coffee myth that’s keeping you from truly soul satisfyingly good coffee is that your corner coffee store can make better coffee than you can. Wrong! These industrial coffee companies are 100% about quantity and profit, not about quality. Do you really think that an industrial machine designed to make thousands of cups of coffee a day, 365 days a year, and run pretty much non-stop for 5 years, could possibly make better coffee than you can by hand at home?

Trust me, your hand ground, hand brewed coffee will put the industrial coffee companies to shame. The good news is that the difference between industrial coffee and your home brewed coffee is nothing short of amazing. I’m not talking about a small difference here. I’m talking about a huge difference in taste.

Travel CoffeeSoul satisfyingly good coffee

  1. 100% Arabica organic beans from Central America, preferably from Costa Rica.
  2. The fresher the bean the better the coffee. If your bag of coffee doesn’t have the roast date on it, then you can safely assume that it’s months if not years old. You want coffee that was roasted less than a month ago. Your roast date should be measured in hours, not months.
  3. Gently roasted.   Contrary to popular opinion, you do not want black coffee beans. The darker the roast the less caffeine, the less flavor, and it’s less strong. That’s right. Medium roasted coffee has far more flavor and caffeine. If you like your coffee dark roasted, then save yourself some money and start brewing Kingsford charcoal.
  4. If it ain’t whole bean, then don’t go near it. You want to grind your coffee right before brewing it. Trust me, the difference in taste is huge.
  5. Drink your coffee within 30’ of brewing. Don’t reheat it. Reheating or letting it sit will make it taste bitter and like sucking on a penny.

Spokane Coffee RoasterI know what you’re thinking. “This looks like a lot of work.” It isn’t. I can make the best soul satisfyingly good coffee in less than a minute. And so can you.  Read this blog post: How To Make The Best Gourmet Coffee.

Look, here’s the bottom line. You’re smart. You don’t need the New York or San Francisco marketing guru’s to do your thinking for you. Don’t believe them. And start enjoying truly soul satisfyingly good coffee. You’ll be glad that you did.

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