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One of our good customers and now friend Greg from Phelen, CA swears by the Snow Peak Titanium French Press. He pretty much told me that if I didn't love it, he'd pay for it. Greg was spot on! I love this french press. Let’s see how it measures up to other high-end French presses.

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What's So Great About a French Press?

It is my belief that the immersion method of brewing coffee is superior. By immersion, I mean that the coffee grounds and the water get to mix together for a period of time. Three brewing methods come to mind, the French Press, Cold Brew and the AeroPress.

Immersion methods give the coffee brewer (you) several variables to work with, including, grinding the coffee beans finer or more course, the amount of grounds, and how much time of allowing the grounds and water to be in contact with each other. All three of these variables increase or decrease the amount of extraction, thus affecting the taste of the coffee.

What Makes a Good French Press

A French press is basically a very low-tech product. It’s basically a circular vertical walled container that allows a circular filter to be pressed down to the bottom of the container, thus separating the extracted coffee from the coffee grounds.

It could be argued that a good French Press leaves no grounds in your coffee cup. I personally think that only Americans care about this. Most coffee drinkers around the world expect a little sediment in the bottom of their cup, otherwise how would they know if they’re getting a good cup of coffee?

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Snow Peak Titanium French Press

Snow Peak USA

Snow Peak is a Japanese company who's obsessed with quality and functionality. No surprise there, the Japanese, in general, are OCD in most everything they do. To their credit, they’ve brought this heritage to the back packing, crowd.

Fortunate for us, backpackers also drink coffee, so Snow Peak makes a variety of coffee brewers, mugs, grinders, etc., specifically for backpacking. Snow Peak USA is located in Portland, Oregon. All of their products made of titanium are 100% Made In Japan. Most of their stainless-steel products are made in China. Keeping with my Anything But China (ABC) policy, we’ll ignore their few Chinese products.


Review of Snow Peak’s Titanium French Press

  • It’s a minimalist design. No “Frenchie” cutie style. Just plane functional.
  • It’s the perfect size for a man-sized 16-ounce cup of coffee
  • It’s really light weight. Titanium, right?
  • Being all titanium, it’s also bullet proof, i.e., very sturdy.
  • In addition to a normal wire screen filter, this French Press comes with a secondary silicone screen filter. I’m assuming that’s to minimize any sediment.
  • Just like all French Presses that I’ve ever seen, the metal sieve screen is sandwiched between two metal support disks. The plunger is then attached to these support disks.
  • What surprised me was that the top support titanium support disk has a silicon gasket around the outside, thus completely sealing the screen against the sides of the pot. There’s zero chance of any grounds sneaking around that gasket, i.e. zero sediment in your coffee mug.
  • Lastly, an odd, or at least different feature is at the very bottom of the plunger assembly is a secondary silicon sieve. It’s there to further ensure that no grounds end up in your cup.
Snow Peak Titanium French Press
Backpacking Coffee
My First Cup

Making My First Cup

Just for kicks, I took the guts out, put 16 ounces of water in, and set it directly on the stove. I’ll tell you something, that I never knew. Titanium transfers heat real fast. That little pistol boiled water faster than I’ve ever seen.

Pulling the French Press off the stove to cool, I took a few moments to grind my coffee and pour it into the hot water. After my normal 3 minutes of steeping, I grabbed the plunger and drove that puppy home.


With a stainless-steel French Press, some people think they can taste the metal in their coffee. Which might be true. It certainly isn’t true of this $65.00 Snow Peak titanium French Press.

I have a $200 Italian glass French Press. Doing a side-by-side taste test, honestly, as a professional taste tester, I can’t tell any difference. I’ve even taste tested this baby against the, $35.00, Made In Portugal, Bodum French Press. Again, I can taste no difference between the three.

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  • Warning: Because the titanium transfers heat so well, do NOT touch the French Press. Use the aluminum handles. They will remain cool.
  • The secondary silicon sieve is redundant and not necessary. If you’re deathly afraid of sediment in your cup, then go for it. I found it un-necessary.
  • I really like the silicone gasket around the upper support disk. It’s tight and makes you feel like you’re using a surgical instrument.
  • At $65, this is a hell of deal; good tasting coffee and you'd have to try real hard to break it.


I’ve been using Snow Peak’s French Press for about two months. It looks the same today as the day I took it out of the box. Washing all the components is a breeze.

I really like this French Press. Unlike my $200 Italian French Press, I especially like the fact that, with this Titanium French Press, I don’t have to worry about dropping it.

Here’s the bottom line, I really like using Snow Peak’s Titanium French Press and I love the coffee that it makes.

What I like best about the Snow Peak Titanium French Press is that it’s 100% Made in Japan. The only think that would make it better is if it was 100% Made in USA.

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Russell and Alisha Volz

What Makes Lake City Coffee Different

Alisha, my wife and business partner, and I started Lake City Coffee in 2015. Our motivation was to drink the freshest and smoothest (non-bitter) coffee this side of heaven. Unfortunately, we couldn't find any fresh non-bitter coffee. As I later learned, 99.0% of all coffee purchased in the US has been sitting in warehouses and on store shelves for months if not weeks. It’s no wonder that industrial coffee companies make such bad coffee.

We offer to our customers and friends the exact same thing that we want, one perfect bean, roasted to perfection, and shipped the same day, with delivery anywhere in the US within 24-72 hours. And to keep your coffee fresh, we do one very important thing that no other American coffee company can claim. We use air-tight, triple heat sealed, zipper re-sealable pouches. And uniquely, we keep your beans super fresh by adding an oxygen absorber in the bottom of each bag.

Snow Peak Titanium French Press


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