I love smooth coffee. If it’s not the smoothest coffee in the world, then I’m not interested. No Bitter – No Burnt for me. Yet finding the smoothest coffee beans isn’t easy. Keep reading and I’ll tell you how and why we select our super smooth beans.

My Path To Smooth Coffee Lover

bitter and burntMost of my life, I hated coffee; burnt-n-bitter, I just didn’t understand the attraction. Then one day at a Church Campout a buddy of mine (Dave) heard me say that I hated coffee. Later he conspiratorially whispered, “Get up early tomorrow morning and before the kids get up, I’ve got a surprise for you.” Not knowing what he was talking about, I waddled over to his tent at about 7AM. There he was waiting for me holding two mugs of what I was hoping was hot chocolate. And with a shit-eating grin he handed me my mug. I looked in the mug; damn! Coffee! (Church Camp Right?) Just to be polite I took one tentative sip. “Holly Shit Batman!” I thought, or at least I was hoping I didn’t say that out loud. I took a second sip. Same thing; smooth as silk; no bitter or burnt flavor; and what was that, a hint of chocolate that I could taste? “Dave what the hell is this, where did you get it, and where can I get more”? With a chuckle, Dave said, “I roast my own coffee”. Dave soon taught me how to roast my own coffee. Within a few months, I was everyone’s new best friend.

Birth Of The Smoothest Coffee Roasters 

smoothest coffee beans After about a year of friends-n-family coffee roaster fame, I met Alisha Jean Hills. She was a cute little blonde that was smart as a whip, with a sense of humor just as sharp, and a gracious heart for God. Fortunately for me, she was also very particular about her coffee. Honestly, just between you and me, I think she fell in love with my coffee before falling in love with me. After a few months of courting, she said, “Russell, you know, with coffee this good, we should start a coffee roasting company” (remember those Hills Brothers genes). Since she put up the initial business capital investment ($700), she’s listed on Lake City Coffee’s incorporation papers as the CEO, with me being the lowly “Roaster”. This humble beginning left me with only one route to the top of the company and that was to sleep my way to the top. Five years after marrying my boss, I’m still the roaster, chief bottle washer, and VP of the keys. Considering my ambitions, I’m forced to continue sleeping with her, in hopes to being on top some day.

Finding Super Smooth Coffee Beans

Best Light Roast Coffee BeansFinding super smooth coffee beans isn’t easy. Initially, we taste tested coffee from all over the world. What we learned is that the smoothest coffee beans seemed to usually come from Central America. Eventually we narrowed down our search to Costa Rica and then quickly to the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. This unique coffee growing region is notorious for growing the smoothest coffee beans with hints of chocolate, nut, and a variety of other flavors.

A Coffee Wholesaler’s Nightmare

True Specialty CoffeeEach year we bring in 20 or more coffee samples from plantations in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. Requesting this many samples has a tendency to really tick-off the wholesale coffee companies. To say that they blew-us-off is an understatement.  Little did we know that a vast majority of coffee wholesalers are owned by the same conglomerate; The Neumann Kaffee Gruppe, who own nearly 300 different coffee wholesalers in the US alone.

Little did we know that a majority of coffee roasters never cup (taste test) the coffee that they buy. A small percentage will cup 2-3 samples from different farmers or co-ops. Less than 1% of the roasters will sample more than a dozen. And here we are, this dinky, no-nack, coffee roaster from Idaho, sampling 20. Needless to say, they didn’t like us.

Coffee Wholesaler To The Rescue

Smooth Coffee BeansEventually, we found Royal Coffee, owned and run by the same family since the early 70’s. We told “Richard” at Royal that we have a very dedicated and long standing customer base with very exacting tastes. We explained that if it wasn’t super smooth, with strong notes of chocolate, don’t bother sending it. Some years, it only takes a dozen tries. This year it took over 20 samples to find our super smooth bean with strong notes of chocolate. We’ve already found, procured, and warehoused 9,000 pounds of beans for 2022. So, your supply of super-duper coffee is secure.

The Fresher The Bean The Smoother The Coffee

no bitter no burntSure, it’s imperative that you start with a good flavored and super smooth bean, but if the roasted coffee isn’t fresh, then you might as well be drinking Folgers or Hills Bros, (yes, Hills Brothers are Alisha’s relatives). Here’s a fact of life that most people either don’t know or the professionals refuse to admit. All coffee, even mine, starts going stale as soon as you roast it. Last week’s roasted coffee isn’t as smooth and flavorful as this week’s. A month after roasting and the coffee begins to get more and more bitter by the day, until it’s despicable. Unfortunately, and contrary to what other coffee companies will tell you; no amount of space-age packaging technology can change this fact. That’s why the old adage, “The fresher the bean the better the coffee”, was, is, and always will be true. If you want smooth coffee then it had better have a roast date on the bag that’s less than 30 days old and preferably less than 3 days old. This is precisely why we roast and ship on the same day, thus our motto, “From our roaster to your table in 24-72 hours”. Note: After much research and experimentation, I’ve found a trick to help your coffee to remain “almost” as fresh as the day it was roasted. CLICK HERE for that article.

Smoothest Coffee Bean Roasting

Low-n-Slow Roasting

    Smooth As A Kiss Goodby

Unfortunately, a vast majority of coffee sold in America has been sitting in warehouses and on store shelves for months if not years. No wonder it tastes so bitter. To hide this bitterness, most coffee companies, like Charbucks, burn the snot out of their beans. By roasting in huge industrial hot-n-fast vats, Charbucks and their wanabees are saving themselves money at the cost of killing any chance of delivering to you a smooth cup of coffee and denying you that divine pleasure. At Lake City Coffee, I on the other hand, roast your coffee low-n-slow in small batches. This low-n-slow method insures that the oils stay within the bean. Those oils are where all the bioflavonoids, antioxidants, caffeine, and flavor reside. The more oil inside the bean, the better the coffee.

How To Brew The Smoothest Coffee Beans

Best Home Brewed CoffeeStarting with super high quality smooth beans and roasting them low-n-slow to perfection is only half of the smooth coffee equation. The other half of the equation is in your hands with the brewing. This is where personal preference and experimentation comes into play. There are more brewing techniques than Carter has Liver Pills (Old folk talk for “a lot”). I wrote a thorough blog post on “How To Make The Smoothest Cup Of Coffee”. Just CLICK HERE.

Where to Find The Smoothest Coffee Beans

Smoothest Coffee Roaster

                     Russell Roasting

At Lake City Coffee we only sell whole bean coffee. Additionally we roast and ship the same day, so you’ll get the freshest coffee that you’re likely to find anywhere. Your search for the smoothest coffee beans is over. My suggestion is that you do yourself a favor and check out our Whole Bean Coffee Shopping page. If you’re still not sure, then check out our Reviews page.

From Our Roaster To Your Table In 24-72 Hours

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