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100% sourced from the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica

  "The World's Smoothest Coffee Beans Are Back".

Keeping Your Beans Fresh

Oxygen is the enemy of freshness. That's why we place in the bottom of each coffee bag one food grade oxygen absorber. These oxygen absorbers eliminate 99.9% of the oxygen in your coffee bag, thus preserving the freshness of your beans. For full details on our packaging and these oxygen absorbers CLICK HERE.

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green coffee beans
Green Coffee Beans - 20# - Free Shipping

These green beans are the exact same beans that we roast, i.e., “La Pastora” from the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. For more info on these beans read my article “The World’s Smoothest Coffee Beans Are Back“. To find out how to preserve green coffee beans for 10 or more years, click this article “How To Preserve Green Coffee Beans For 10+ Years“. Additionally, roasting your own beans is easy and fun. You’ll find out how in this same article.

$279.00 available on subscription

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