Return Policy

Russell and Alisha Volz

We don't guarantee that you'll love our coffee. Let's face it, most Americans "Love" bad coffee. If you don't like our coffee, then don't buy it again. Just give the coffee, that you decided to purchase to a friend who appreciates excellent coffee.

On the other hand, we do guarantee our mistakes or even the mistakes of our shippers. If you didn't receive what you ordered, in good usable fashion, then we'll immediately make it right.

No, I don't generally give refunds, but what I will do is replace our screwed up order with what you purchased.  We've yet to have an unhappy customer and I'm not about to start now. One way or another, we'll do our best to do right by you.

Our return policy is that we don't have one. It's not worth the money that it costs to ship coffee back and forth. We do not accept returns. For crying out loud, it's only $20 a bag. It's not like you just purchased a Lamborghini. Nonetheless, as stated above, if we or our shippers screwed up, then we'll definitely make things right for you.

Lake City Coffee

"From Our Roaster to Your Table in 24-72 Hours"