Green Coffee Beans – 20# – Free Shipping

Super Smooth Green Coffee Beans

You might be looking for green coffee beans because you’re a prepper, or maybe you like roasting your own, or you simply like your beans super fresh. Regardless of why you are looking for green beans, the key is to find great beans, preserve those beans properly, and know how to roast those beans easily.

Let’s start with the beans. If you love smooth coffee beans as much as I do, then you’ll love these beans. Most coffee roasters never taste test the beans that they roast and sell. Even companies that sell green beans, seldom taste test the beans. We, on the other hand, taste test over 20 beans each year. Since we’re looking for super smooth beans (non-bitter), we’ve found that the smoothest, most sophisticated tasting beans come from the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica.  And that’s where we source 100% of our beans.

Free Shipping

The big problem with selling and thus buying coffee beans is the cost of shipping. That’s why we sell only one size and that’s 15 pounds. Why 15 pounds? Because, a large Priority Mail Flat Rate Box will hold exactly 15 pounds. To make things easier for you, we’ve priced our green beans to include free shipping.

How to Roast Green Coffee Beans

Roasting coffee beans often freaks people out. Actually, it’s pretty simple. In fact, at one time, everyone roasted their own green coffee.  Once a week, they’d fire up the stove, toss a cast-iron skillet on top, add some green beans, heat-n-stir. Ten minutes later, they had enough roasted coffee to last for the next week.

Roasting coffee was easy for our great-grandparents and it’ll be easy for you. But if roasting coffee isn’t your thing, fortunately for you, it is ours.  Not surprisingly, 99% of Lake City Coffee’s sales are of white, medium, and dark roasted coffee.

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