7 Reasons Patriot Coffee Lovers Will Love the Made In USA Melitta Pour Over

Today, made in USA is all too uncommon. This is particularly true for consumer products, especially in the coffee industry. That’s one reason why Melitta’s Pour Over Coffee Brewer Made In USA is so great. As an expert coffee roaster focusing on super smooth super fresh coffee and owner of Lake City Coffee, I'm confident that you'll enjoy learning the 7 reasons why you’ll love this coffee brewing system.

Made In USA

Made in the USA used to mean something. It meant quality. It meant reasonably priced. But more importantly it meant, made by free Americans. According to the Federal Trade Commission, to legally display “Made In USA, all or virtually all of the product must be made in the United States”.

Made in USA is in sharp contrast to those products simply “Manufactured or Assembled in the USA”, which means that some, most, or even all the parts are made in another country and final assembly is conducted in the USA.

made in USA
Anything But China

Anything But China (ABC)

Today’s Chinese Communist Party (CPP) is the new Nazi Germany. Hitler wanted to take over the world. His plan was short sighted by trying to subjugate Europe with his military. The CPP has similar aspirations, but they’re taking a long-term strategy via economics, backed by a workforce of slave labor.

In my house, when buying anything, we have implemented the ABC rule. Sure, we have some CCP slave labor products, but that’s only because there was no other alternative.

Melitta History

In 1908, Melitta Bentz, a German house wife, invented and patented the first pour-over. With a little bit of start-up capital, Melitta started her company.

Today, Melitta has facilities around the world. US production is conducted in Clearwater, Florida. In this facility Melitta produces Made In USA paper filter, brewing cones (pour over), and electronics for their other products.

Melitta Founder

Why The Made In USA Melitta Pour Over Is So Great?

insulated coffee mugs made in USA

Reason #1 – Made In USA

100% of the Melitta Pour Over Brewing Cone, is made in Clearwater, Florida, which also means that this product is made by free Americans and not slave labor.

By making their products right here in the USA means more jobs for Americans. It also means that the quality of this Pour Over Brewing Cone is of higher quality than pour overs made in China.

Reason #2 – Uses Made In USA Filters

You can use any #2 filter for this pour over brewing cone. I particularly like that Melitta also makes their own Made In USA filters.

These filters are made of non-bleached, natural brown paper, thus leaving no chemicals in your coffee cup.

Melitta #2 Filter
Melitta See Through Window

Reason #3 – See-Through View Window

This pour over brewing cone has a unique feature, a see-through viewing window. This means that you can watch the coffee dripping into the cup. Although not essential, nor is it revolutionary, it is a cute and fun feature, allowing you to see the color and drip volume.

This feature makes it easier for you to gage how fast or slow you want to pour water over your grounds. Thus, it also allows you to strengthen or weaken the strength of your coffee.

Reason #4 – Cone Ribs Help Coffee to Drain

Many pour over brewing cones are made with smooth sides. Unfortunately, that means that the filter often sticks to these smooth sides, prohibiting the coffee to drain into your mug.

Melitta has eliminated this problem by making its Pour Over Brewing Cone with vertical ridges. This fairly unique feature allows your coffee to pass through the cone and into your cup more cleanly and easily.

Militta has ridges
Easy Clean

Reason #5 – Easy To Use & Easy to Clean

As coffee making goes, the pour over method is very easy. Simply place a filter in the cone, place the cone on your mug, add your grounds, and then pour hot water over the grounds.

As for cleanup, I think this is the fastest and easiest brewing system to clean. I flip the cone upside down over the waist basket, the filter and grounds fall out. And then I simply put the brewing cone into the dishwasher. Easy peasy!

Reason #6 – The Price Is Right

Depending on the model, the Melitta pour over brewing cone ranges from $5.00 - $30.00. Not surprisingly, the quality of coffee produced is identical across their product line.

Quality to Price Ratio (QPR) is a big deal to me and should be for everyone. Usually, to get a better quality, Made In USA, product you’re going to spend more money. Often, you’ll spend twice as much or more, but not with the Melitta. In this case, you get Made In USA by free Americans for pretty much the same price as Made In China by slave labor.

The Price is Right
Best Coffee Beans In The World

Reason #7 – Taste is Great

Pour over brewing, or some times called “slow” pour over brewing, all tastes pretty darn good. This method of brewing produces a smoother cup of coffee than most other brewing methods. I do think it also gives up a small bit of flavor as compared to a French Press. But that’s my personal opinion.

Generally speaking, most pour over brewing cones all produce coffee that tastes pretty darn close to the same. In this case, I think the taste of my coffee coming out of the Melitta tastes as good as any other pour over brewing cone on the market.

Bonus - BPA Free, Multiple Colors

I personally don’t care about BPA Free or colors, but there are many people who do care. Therefore, I’m letting you know that all of Melitta’s plastic products are BPA free. These pour over brewing cones also come in a variety of different colors.

conservative coffee roaster
Russell and Alisha Volz
Costa Rican Tarrazu
Lake City Coffee Roaster

Lake City Coffee

So why do we take the time and effort to review coffee brewing products like the Melitta Pour Over Coffee Brewer Made In USA?

What we do here at Lake City Coffee is only half of the equation of a great cup of coffee. Sure we taste test about two dozen of the very best coffee beans that can be purchased in Central America. From those samples, we choose the very best tasting bean and then buy enough of that single bean to get us through until the next season. That's half the equation.

The second half of the equation is on you. It's about how well you brew our whole bean coffee. We purchase and test many scales, grinders, brewing systems, and mugs to recommend to you the very best products. AND we teach you how to use them.

Being so well armed with our help, most people can make a cup of coffee worthy of being called divine.

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