Cancel Culture – Served Up Patriot Coffee Style

Lake City Coffee, as you may know, is a coffee business. We try to keep our website’s content about coffee and not about politics or religion, except on the rare occasion when I just can’t resist poking fun at some woke idiot idea. Yet, I try to keep the conversation about coffee. I really do. The only reason that I’m even writing this blog post “Cancel Culture – Served Up Patriot Coffee Style” is because some of the changes that we’re making at Lake City Coffee affect you.

Old Fashion Business Culture

How to grind coffee without a grinder

Why these changes? Good question. And I’m glad that you asked. In the old days your religion was your business; politics was your business; your sex was your business, your race was your business, your family and heritage was your business, your personal life was your business, and your business was your business. And no one seemed to care. America has an attitude and long history of “Just leave me alone”. 

Today, there’s a very small, but sadly influential group of people who want to control you. They want to control everything about you, and if they can’t control you, then they attempt to “Cancel Culture”, (the politically correct word for boycott) you out of business. To that end, there are a slew of shortsighted Wokestani vendors/corporations who are either Kowards, Kommies or Kalifornia Kooks “KKKK” that are culling their customer base and their inventory of conservative leaning people and products. Companies like: Google, Facebook, Nike, Starbucks, Costco, Walmart, Amazon, and hundreds of others.

Patriot Coffee Style

Patriot Coffee

As business owners and consumers, Alisha and I do a lot of business with a variety of companies. Much to our chagrin, a few of our vendors are bowing to and trembling in fear of the left’s “Cancel Culture”. Well, we’ve had enough. It’s time that we take a stand for traditional values.

Our country’s founding fathers didn’t quake in their boots when the British put the screws to American businesses, and as patriot coffee roasters, we aren’t either. Remember our founding father’s little tea party in Boston? That was just a subtle message to Great Britain of what was to come.

My message to our Cancel Culture, woke-vendors is this, “Fine, you want an economic war; we’ll gladly give you one; one in which you won’t survive.” We don’t play for fun. We play for keeps.  

Conservative Economy

coffee revolution

The left, Hollywood, MSM, politicians, and cowardly Wall Street businesses that are bowing to these anti-American demands are currently experiencing a rude awakening, with a “Cancel Culture” of our own. I prefer to call it, the creation of a conservative economy.

This may not be a surprise to you, but Alisha and I daily hear from new patriot coffee customers, that they’re practicing “Cancel Culture” themselves, against those companies considering us as “Deplorables”. They’re looking for small, Mon-n-Pop, patriot companies like ours. So, we’re not alone and neither are you.

Cancel Culture Company Replacements

Below is a list of companies that Lake City Coffee, Alisha, and I have replaced. WHEN…

Technology Replacements

patriot Coffee
  • HostGator started deleting website hosting accounts, without notice, to gun dealers, we changed our hosting company to Epik (who hosts websites for companies like: Breitbart News, Gab, Parler, BitChute, Info Wars, Oath Keepers, Sean Hannity, etc.)
  • PayPal started dropping conservative customers, without notice, including the “Re-elect Trump Campaign”; so we switched to Wholesale Processing Systems, owner of DBA 2nd Amendment Processing.
  • Google started tracking our every move and selling our data to China, so we switched our internet searching to Yes, I know that are commies too, but at least they’re not Google and they don’t shove their “wokeness” down our throat. I’m still looking for a “conservative” search engine, but haven’t found one.
  • YouTube started censoring conservative and Christian videos, so we switched our video hosting to Rumble.
  • Facebook started their censoring of conservative content, so we switched to Parler.
  • Yelp asked us to donate to the LGBQ cause, I went ballistic and dumped those commie, SOB’s so fast they couldn’t believe my reason for leaving, so they kept calling me for a month to get my account back.
  • Apple & Android (Google); both full-blown, hard-core anti-American and pro-China – Now this one, I haven’t cracked yet, but Alisha’s doing the research. The only viable option, as far as I can tell, are dumb phones like Nokia or Blackberry. I haven’t made that switch yet, but I’m close.

Retailer Replacements

patriot coffee
  • Costco started kicking out anyone carrying a gun, so we started shopping at Mom-n-Pop local businesses.
  • Amazon jerked the plug on Parler’s servers and started dropping traditional, classical, and conservative books and authors, so we all but stopped using Amazon. You will notice that there are zero Amazon links on our website. When we shop, we try to buy directly from the vendor’s website. If possible, we buy from small Mom-n-Pop retailers and manufacturers.
  • HomeDepot began requiring masks, so we switched to our locally owned Ace Hardware
  • Walmart and Krogers went totally social warrior on us, so we now buy all of our groceries from Super 1, a locally owned grocer. 
  • Gillette (Proctor & Gamble) – started advertising their “Male Toxicity” commercials, I tossed out their POS plastic blades and purchased an 1800’s style straight razor, strop, shaving cream, brush, and bowl from Guess what, over the next 20 years, I’ll probably save thousands of dollars on Gillette’s POS razors. As a result of this little change, my shaves are so close, that I only have to shave every other day.

Entertainment Replacements

patriot coffee market
  • Spotify started expunging their customer base of conservative podcasters, so we dropped Spotify and went back to CD’s and for political analysis we go directly to the websites of our favorite conservatives. Sirus/XM is another alternative.
  • Netflix went full bore LGBQ, Woke, Social Warrior, Anti-American, Anti-Christian, and promoted child pornography (Cuties). It took us 2 minutes to cancel our subscription to Netflix. I’m so mad at these commie SOB’s that we’ve barely turned on our TV.
  • NFL & NBA started taking a knee, we switched to college ball and we will NEVER go back.
  • Our local newspaper couldn’t produce a single edition without promoting LGBQ and BLM nonsense, so we switched to The Epoch Times, perhaps the best reporting newspaper of all time. The writing is exceptionally good and very Pro-USA.
  • Hollywood couldn’t produce a move or TV show without including every kind of perversion imaginable, we canceled cable and began streaming (for free) whatever we wanted.
  • Fox News went liberal on us too, so we switched to One America News Network and Newsmax.

American Revolutionary CoffeeMade In America

I hear people whining that America doesn’t make anything any more. WRONG! America still makes a lot of stuff. The more complex the product and the more skill required, you’ll usually find it Made In The USA.  

What is very difficult to find is coffee equipment made in the USA. Damn near 100% of coffee stuff is made in China.  I’m on a mission to find coffee equipment mad in the USA.

If you’ll go to our FAQ tab and click on the article “Best Coffee Equipment”, you’ll find my recommendations and you’ll find a few items Made by Free Americans In The USA. 

The Battle For Your Mind

Make no mistake; we are at war. We’ve been at war for quite some time. This is a war for the soul of America. We are fighting for truth and against lies. Any honest student of history can tell you how this will end if we don’t fight back. If we do nothing, we loose. BUT if we fight, then our success is almost assured. All we need is a willingness to change our buying habits. Nothing changes Wall Street and main street faster than cash.

Obviously, we live in challenging times. It’s easy to get depressed about the horrible changes happening in our country. But remember this, there is nothing happening today that can’t be undone tomorrow. Sure, it’ll take work and sacrifice, but we can prevail.

Fresh Roasted CoffeePatriot Coffee or Industrial Coffee

I contend that, for a warrior, these are very exciting times. Come on! Who doesn’t like a good fight? Therefore, the list above is good news. We obviously have alternative technologies from which to choose and alternative places to spend our money. When we vote with our money, we win. Below are a few facts that you may find encouraging.

  • Conservative patriots hold a majority of the wealth in America
  • Conservatives own 90% of the guns and 99% of the ammo
  • The per capita of true born-again Christians in America hasn’t changed in 200 years.
  • Most liberals quit after their first failure. Conservatives don’t know when to quit.
  • State legislators determine voting laws. Most states are run by Republican legislators.
  • Coffee drinkers, on the average, live 4 years longer than non-coffee drinkers.
  • Jesus is coming back and when he does, there’ll be hell to pay. I’m glad that I won’t be here to watch it.

Lake City Coffee

Costa Rican Tarrazu - AmapolaOK, I’ll admit, I just made up everything in that above list.  But, I’ll bet that I’m right. In fact, I’ll give a free bag of coffee to anyone who can give to me documented proof that my above assertions are correct.

When all is said and done, people’s politics are their business. I really don’t care. I don’t care if they’re white, red, black, or yellow; just as long as when they’re cut, they bleed red, white, and blue.

Alisha and I are excited to be serving our patriot coffee to each and every one of you. If you don’t know us personally, then please send us an email and we’ll add you to our brood of patriot coffee lovers (Pun intended).

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