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Over the last eight years, we've received literally hundreds of reviews, many of which are on Google Reviews.  I don't think you need to see them all, so I will post the last 50-100 or so below. You'll get the idea. I've also included a few antidotal humorous emails.

And if you feel like writing us a review, we'd really appreciate that! Why? Because reviews are a big deal for how well we rank on Screwgle.

If Screwgle isn't your thing, then just shoot me an email or go to our Contact Us page and I'll put your review down below. Thanks a ton everyone!

- Russell & Alisha Volz


Better Than Black Rifle Coffee

Thank you so much for the amazing coffee!! I used to get Black Rifle Coffee, but now that I’ve had your coffee, there’s no going back!!  Your coffee is fresh and smooth, the taste is amazing!! I didn’t realize I was suffering until now!!

This coffee is delicious!! Looking forward to many years of drinking your coffee!!

The Alternative Economy

This company is awesome.  I get individualized emails from Russell.  This husband and wife team must work really hard to keep it so personal.  They are true coffee experts, aficionados.  I don’t think I could stump Russell on a coffee question if I tried.

His website/blog is a wealth of knowledge too – and funny!  The best part of doing business with Lake City Coffee is that I feel like I’m contributing to the alternative economy, an economy that shares my values.  Almost feels like family.

Thanks Russell and Alisha and God bless you and your wonderful coffee operation!

Hand Written Roast Date

Excellent coffee! It’s smooooth, fresh and has a roast date hand written on every bag. Debating the stuff? Buy it now, it’s worth every cent!

God – Country – Coffee

The coffee is not just smooth and delicious but the website has everything you’d ever want to know about coffee. If you’re going to sip a cup of joe, why not do it with confidence knowing it’s from a place that truly loves God and country. Thank you!!

Great Business Model

Great coffee, great business model, always on time. Much better than old beans in your grocery store or roasters that can’t tell you when your coffee beans were roasted.

Better Than Jamaican Blue Mountain

Well, I got my coffee a little bit ago. My favorite coffee in the world prior to tonight was blue mountain from country traders. But at $44 plus shipping a bag it is out of my price range for a daily drink. Well, I will say that your coffee is actually better than blue mountain at less than half the price. Thank you.

I hope that you are proud of the coffee that you have created. It is wonderful. Thanks and I will be ordering more in a few weeks after I drink this. I will be mentioning this coffee to my friends and probably to a forum that I am on also. Great work.

I’m a true “coffee snob” according to my brother. I was looking for the best coffee and found Lake City Coffee. I’m telling you, if you pass on trying this coffee, it’s your loss! This is truly 5 star coffee.

If you like true Jamaican Blue Mountain, you’ll love this coffee.

Better Than Kona

Hi Russ, We are in Kona now and I have to say, you’ve spoiled me. The Kona brews just don’t do it for me anymore. Can you please (I’m on my knees begging) send to me three bags of medium ASAP to our address here in Kona? Thanks! Desperately Marty

Lake City Coffee

"From Our Roaster to Your Table in 24-72 Hours"