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decaf lake city coffee review“Absolutely the Best Decaf” – Mountain Woman of MT (Aug 27th, 2020)

This decaf is far above anything else that I’ve tasted. I’m in Montana and have a bag or three shipped in regularly. The decaf is amazingly smooth and has a great taste. This product is worth the extra effort to make right. The owners are wonderful with exception customer service.


fresh roasted coffee
Real Man Coffee

“Soul Food” – Stephen of Bradenton, FL (Aug 10th, 2020)

The medium is medicine for my soul…

“Off The Charts Good Coffee” – Crazy Bill of Phoenix, AZ (Aug 8th, 2020)


“Miles Ahead of The Competition” – Risto of Spokane, WA (June 30th, 2020)

Your coffee is miles ahead of what is available elsewhere. Places I previously thought were awesome are barely worth drinking at all now. Thanks for everything. 

Fresh Roasted Coffee


“Fresh Is Best” – John of Coeur d’Alene, ID (June 24th, 2020)

This is a fine cup of coffee. I highly recommend Russell’s coffee, in that it passes the first and most important test of Coffee …….FRESHNESS A+ now find the flavor you like and enjoy.


“Outstanding!” – Jay of Kalispell, MT (June 24th, 2020)

The roasting is done to perfection.This coffee is smooth and rich. It is definitely something to look forward to.

“My Priorities In Life!” – Danny of Miami, FL (June 15th, 2020)

1: God & Family

2: My order of Lake City Coffee

Nothing else matters.

“Great and personable service!” – Charlie of Matairie, LA (June 10th, 2020)

best light roast coffee beans

Besides the coffee being amazing!!, a small mistake led to my first bag being sent to another address.

These guys went well above and beyond what was necessary to remedy the situation, sending me a replacement bag as well as a free pound of my choosing.

Doesn’t get much better than that.

“1/4 C of grounds was so smooth!” – Charlie of Matairie, LA (June 10th, 2020)

Black Coffee No Sugar No Cream

Russell, Your coffee is great!

The first cup I made was not quite strong enough (I used the measure that came with the AeroPress). I used a quarter-cup on the next cup, & it was so smooth! It leaves a nice after taste instead of just bitter, like all the others.

My husband is really picky, and he gave his cup a thumbs-up!

Thank you!

“AMAZING COFFEE ☕!” – Troy of Graham, WA (June 6th, 2020)

White Lightning lake city coffee review

This by far one of the best coffees I’ve ever had great tastes and flavor.. White Lightning is a must try you will not be disappointed until you take that last sip…

I seldom leave reviews, but this experience has been unique, so it’s my pleasure to leave a Lake City Coffee review. After I placed my order with Lake City Coffee, they send me a personal email on what to expect. I love that personal touch.

I will definitely be back. Great Coffee, Fast Shipping ,Great Price and a Small Free Sample.

Thank You .. Troy

“Wonderful Coffee and Roaster” – Jo Ann of Birmingham, AL (May 10th, 2020)

latest lake city coffee reviews

Lake City’s coffee beans are the smoothest and least bitter that I have found.

Although I live in Alabama, Russell has made buying the beans easier than it is for me to drive to the store locally.

He has also been great help with brewing advice.

Love shopping with Lake City Coffee.

“White Lightning Nutty Flavor Is Out of This World” – FloAnn of Jacksonville, FL (May 4th, 2020)

Hey Russell, I received my coffee today! Thank you. This evening after dinner, I ground some of the White Lightning beans and OH MY GOODNESS!!! 💙❤️💙

The nutty aroma that comes from it as you lift the cup to take a sip is absolutely wonderful. The flavor is out of this world. Where in the world has this been all my life.

Wow! I can not tell you yet, if I have a favorite roast. Give me another month and I’ll let you know. Thanks for the coffee and keep up the great work. 

Stay safe!  FloAnn

“Emergency Survival Coffee” – Cynthia of Richland, WA (May 1st, 2020)

best lake city coffee reviews

WOOHOO! Funny the little things I get excited about these days…although this is not a little thing…this is about survival!!!! LOL

Gotta have my Russell and Alisha’s most fabulous coffee in the world!!!

Thank you so much! 🥰


“Outstanding Coffee and People!” – Charlie of Metairie, LA (April 26th, 2020)

whole bean coffee

Stumbled onto Lake City Coffee …. Wow! What a treasure….

Finishing first bags D. Dark and Majestic Med…. Both Smooooth taste…. Wonderful aroma…. Fresh….. Perhaps lean Majestic….

Ordering another bag of both today… Will be at my door here in New Orleans Thursday!

Outstanding customer service and Russell cares about his customers…. Refreshing….


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