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“Customer For Life” – Gabriel of Henderson, NV (Dec 14th, 2020)

medium roast lake city coffee review

Your customer service is greatly appreciated. I was actually sipping on the medium roast when I sent you the email the other day….

Best cup of coffee I’ve ever had! That is until I tried the dark roast.

Thank you for the sample pack, both are amazing! I completely understand about the pricing, its just something Ive never spent $18 on. This is not the last purchase I will be making.

You have a new customer for life. Thank you and y’all have a great day!


“Only way I’m surviving my job!” – Jamie of Longwood, FL (Dec 14th, 2020)

Like it? It is the only way I’m surviving my job. I’m one of several team leads training repeated rounds of Product Support Specialists on multiple COVID tests. Our team hasn’t stopped working in months.

The other day I mixed the White Lightning coffee in with the Majestic Medium coffee and holy shit… this made the smoothest cup of coffee I’ve ever had, not to mention the fact that I powered through a 40 slide power point over WebEx and have zero memory of anything I even said… Success! 

Thanks for making this “Plandemic” a little easier on some of us:) 

“40 years of hating coffee – until now!” – Bill of Sharpsburg, GA (Nov 22nd, 2020)

comparing lake city coffee reviews

After 40 years wanting to like coffee. I tried a variety of coffee in every conceivable way but burnt and bitter was the norm. Giving up trying to like coffee years ago, but recently I decided I needed to kick the sugar free energy drinks but still needed the caffeine.

Finally, I found Lake City Coffee online and thought I’d give coffee one more try. Following their instructions on the smoothest way to make coffee, I settled on cold brewed and then nuked in the microwave. Adjusting the coffee grinder’s grind and amount of grinds did the trick and I finally settled on a heaping quarter cup of the 50-50 mix of white lighting and medium, course ground, in a quart mason jar and 14-18 hours in the fridge. Finally, I filtered it once through a metal filter and again through a paper filter.

All I can say is WOW. No bitter burnt taste just smooth as silk. For the heck of it, I tried the same method with my wife’s Dunkin coffee to see if it was the method or the coffee. IT WAS NASTY. Clearly the freshness and quality of Lake City Coffee brewed correctly made the difference. 

I couldn’t wait to leave a Lake City Coffee Review.

“Outstanding coffee and service” – Jon of White Lake, MI (Oct 23rd, 2020)

Russell & Alisha

I came across Lake City Coffee on the web, trying to find the secret to less bitter coffee. Reading your website, I was eager to try your product. I ordered a medium roast and also received a sample of their dark roast. You certainly didn’t disappoint! From order to arrival was 48 hours (shipped over 1,600 miles).

I’ve landed on a 64g (beans) to 960g (filtered water) for a perfect cold brew. It’s smooth, rich flavored, and zero bitterness. Similar results with a pour-over brew using the same 1×15 ratio.

The bottom line, Alisha and Russell have an excellent product and raving fan level service. I highly recommend giving it a try.

“Mix White With Dark” – Lauren of Tinley Park, IL (Sep 30th, 2020)

The tip from your blog on the cold brew with the white lightening is a game changer.  We do a half caf with the white lightening and the decaf.  It is the best cold brew I have ever had…and my husband agrees!

“Back To Basics” – Kay of Missoula, MT (Aug 29th, 2020)

lake city coffee reviews

Good Morning. I just want to thank you for developing such a wonderful product. 

I am enjoying my mornings so much more if I have a cup of your decaf in my hand. My office has a sliding glass door that looks out over our back deck overflowing with flowers.

My slightly worn Queen Anne recliner, an old side table, and a short bookcase constitute my current office. I discovered I neither needed nor wanted the traditional desk and accoutrements. 

Getting down to basics of a comfortable chair, a great view, and a wonderful cup of coffee on my table. Can’t ask for more.


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