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“Friendly Folks” – Leslie of Akron, OH (March 14th, 2021)

Very friendly experience, and coffee is fresh and delicious. The dark is our favorite. Lake City Coffee fulfilled all its promises. Highly recommended!

“Old Man Drinking Coffee” – George of Clancy MT (March 7th, 2021)

The Villages Coffee Roaster

It’s even better when you drink it naked. Finally at 63 years old I found something that is enjoyable to do in that state of dress. 

Now moving right along, I found 2 scoops of Delectable Dark Roast to 1 scoop of White Lightning.  Course ground in a burr grinder then french press for five minuets and 2 table spoons of whipping cream is perfect for me.

Those white beans stop my new Krupp burr grinder so I just use my old blade grinder on them. Hard little buggers. (I’ve been grinding white coffee in my little burr grinder for 6 years without an problems – Russell)

Going to be damn hard getting use to Kirkland coffee and beaning dressed when I get back to work in a few months. You are doing a awesome job….Keep up the good work.        George.

“Bye-bye Charbucks” – Rick of Garner, NC (March 4th, 2021)

If you are expecting a dark black non-translucent or no see-through coffee in your cup, you will be disappointed. However, stay with it! as the disappointment is very, very short-lived! once you take a sip you will wonder; DO other coffee companies add coloring to make it black or do they just burn the bean till it delivers a charcoal color and burnt toast flavor? YUK never again! 

Bye-bye Charbucks, I mean Starbucks and Hello REAL Coffee!   The first pot I was about to toss it and try again adding more grounds until I took a sip. AND Wow what wonderful flavor!  This is what coffee is suppose to be! wonderful!  robust flavor smooth beyond belief! The white lightning; do not let to color or the brew fool you!  looks like tea, tastes like heaven! White in the morning!  medium in the afternoon and barely dark in the evening! 

Love the coffee and appreciate the fact the owners, Russell & Alisha, love America and believe in the American Dream! God Bless them!

“Great Cup of Joe” – Patricia of Peoria, AZ (March 1st, 2021)

Russell, here’s a Lake City Coffee Review for you. – Great coffee roasters, that knows what they are doing. Majestic is great medium roast to brew for a cup of Joe to relax and saver. Great tasting and it will enhance a piece of chocolate , sandwiches or just by itself.

The Delectable Dark roast is also great if you like Cafe Con Leche’s, yummy.
Also this roaster team are friendly, professional, with a little humor thrown in. Customer service is outstanding. And I’m not related, so I don’t have to say that. I will be buying and brewing their coffee as long as I drink coffee, and thats going to be a long while to come.

“Best Coffee Ever” – Tina of Russell Springs, KY (Feb 21st, 2021)

Conservative Coffee Roaster

I recently found this coffee company while searching for conservative coffee companies.

I was a Starbucks loyalist but grew weary of their liberal policies. The Delectable Dark coffee is my new favorite.

It makes awesome iced coffee drinks! I was not a fan of the White because it was too light for me.

“Smooooooth” – Ken of Clarkesville, GA (Feb 17th, 2021)

conservative coffee companies

Incredibly smooth coffee! We just placed another reorder for 3 more bags of Majestic Medium. We’ve tried a lot of coffees including Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica and Illy.

Lake City Coffee is as good or better than the best! I’m sure receiving my order just days after roasting has a major impact on tase and smoothness.

We also took Russell’s advise and tried the Aeropress. WOW! That would probably make dirt taste good so imagine how fantastic Majestic Medium is!!!

You should also try a little White Lightning if you want an extra kick. Botton line – Amazing coffee and fast personal service from owners Russell and Alisha. Just order some!

“Freaking Amazing, and Super Smoooooth” – William of Leander, TX (Feb 9th, 2021)

strongest coffee

Some of the best coffee I have ever had! They claimed it was smoooth coffee, and it exceeded my expectations.

I have tried the $60/lb coffee, Lake City’s coffee is every bit as good, or better, at a fraction of the cost. Make sure to read their blog on how to keep the coffee fresh. 


“Finally found really good coffee!” – Glenda of Carrier, OK (Feb 9th, 2021)

We had been looking for decent coffee for years without luck…until I found Lake City Coffee.

We’ve been receiving the freshly roasted coffee for almost a year, and each shipment is consistently great.

“Smooth with no bitter taste … at all” – Kris of Lancaster, SC (Feb 2nd, 2021)

Best light roast coffee

My wife recently wanted to try coffee in the morning but all store bought brands are over-roasted (burned), stale, acidic and bitter. “Regular” coffee drinkers can get used to that but for a beginner it’s HUGE turn-off.
I found Lake City Coffee online, read their story and gave it a try. Super good choice.

We exclusively drink the White Lightning beans which are lightly roasted – fantastic results. LCC roasts beans fresh each week (Tuesdays) which makes all the difference in the world. To top things off they hand label their bags with the true roast date. So glad we stumbled across this online couple and their coffee.

Like we tell our friends, neighbors and children all the time: make good decisions! If you’re reading this review YOU should make a good decision: visit Lake City Coffee and try their products :-).

“Best coffee I have had in a long time” – Peter of Pittsburg, PA (Jan 4th, 2020)

dark roast vs light roast

I just received the shipment of your coffee.  I brewed a single cup using my trusty Clever Dripper.  15 gms coffee/250 ml water; ~200F (from the microwave); 4 mins brewing time.

For storing coffee, after months of experimenting, this is the absolute best way to store your coffee (Russell) – Click Here

“Life altering coffee!” – James W. of Colorado Springs, CO (Dec 17th, 2020)

I brewed by first cup of Lake City Coffee using my new Aeropress. Oh my goodness! The best cup of coffee I’ve ever had. I took my press, my grinder and the beans to my office. I can’t wait to get to work in the morning now! Lake City Coffee has made me more productive, easier to get along with, and now I’ll never retire. Reading the blog is also good for a few chuckles. Thank you Russell & Alisha. I’m glad I found you!

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