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“Holy Cow Batman!” – Gary of Farmersville, TX (April 16th, 2021)

42 Years & Still In Bed

An hour ago, the doorbell rang. It was the mail delivery person. My coffee from you had arrived. So, I immediately, brewed a new batch.

Holy Cow Batman! That’s the best coffee I have ever tasted, that I can remember.

Anyway, I asked my bride of 42 years to try some. She normally puts milk/creamer/almond milk, stevia, some vanilla, hazelnut creamer powder AND coconut oil in her coffee. That is because she couldn’t get the burned coffee past her taste buds. She took a sip without any additives and she said it was the best she had ever tasted and she also admitted that she could possibly drink it black. After watching her destroy coffee for 42+ years I think this change is next to miraculous.

Thank you again for exceptional, great, stupendous, coffee. As I drink coffee with friends from the neighborhood, church men’s group, and others, I will be sharing the joys of Lake City Coffee with them.

I also researched getting a home coffee roasting device. $300-$1000. I’ll let you do our roasting for us. After paying for the coffee roaster, maintenance, and buying beans (probably not good ones), I’d be paying more for my fresh coffee than getting it from you.

Thanks for being there. If you are ever in the north Dallas area, ring me, I’ll put the coffee on. 😄😄😄

“Back To The Future” – Bill of Frisco, TX (April 14th, 2021)

Great coffee , great service…I will be ordering long into the future .


“Best, Smoothest Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee” – Diane of Georgetown, TX (April 8th, 2021)

I picked Lake City Coffee, because you also touted conservative organizations like NRA, Focus on Family, etc., I felt compelled to order!   We received the coffee on Friday!

My husband really likes it! Thank you for responding so quickly. I’ll let you know when we get low!

What does good coffee taste like

“2nd Order Even Better” – Kelli of Olympia, WA (April 2nd, 2021)

I ordered Lake City Coffee about 3 weeks ago. I just put in my 2nd order. Very smooth cup of coffee! Owners are very friendly and feels like I know them! I would definitely recommend this coffee – especially the white roast.

“Blending The Best” – John of Aurora, CO (March 29th, 2021)

All three of the blends I tried (Delectable Dark, Majestic Medium, White Lightning) were excellent. I really recommend a mix of a little less than half of the dark and a little more than half of the light.

“Top Shelf” – Tony of Granby, CT (March 25th, 2021)

Review of Lake City Coffee. I discovered Lake City coffee like most people, Google. I was looking for whole bean coffee that was as fresh as I could get it without driving across the state to a coffee roaster. Not that I mind the drive but the mask up and stay back six feet kills any in person shopping for me.

My first order was for two bags, one dark and one medium. Not long after my order went in I received an email from Alisha. She pointed out that I was paying $11.94 for shipping and if I wanted to order a third bag I would get free shipping and the coffee would add only $6.06. Of course I said yes.

Right after that I was reviewing my confirmation email and realized it was being shipped priority mail. I had put the street address instead of my P.O. Box. The post office likes to hold the mail a few extra days if you put a street address on and have a post office box. So back to my computer to send a quick note to Alisha and she immediately changed my shipping address. No problem all.

It is increasingly rare to find a business that cares about their product and their service like Lake City Coffee. I realize this is supposed to be a review about the coffee (It is excellent by the way) but I think it is important to recognize good people in business You wont find a better company to give your business to. Russell & Alisha are what my mother use to call top shelf.

“No One Can Drink This Much Coffee” – George of Clancy, MT (March 24th, 2021)

Best Coffee Review

OK Bro (George) , You have to come clean. There’s something about this coffee that you know and I don’t. Are you using a bong or a hooka. No one can drink that much coffee. What’s your secret? – Russell

Warning – (We are professionals, you are not, so don’t try this at home.)

Russell, Since you told me I could smoke it, life has changed.  The buzz was wonderful I might add.  A little hallucinogenic but not too bad.   The pink french-press dancing around the counter top in a lime green tutu was a nice touch.  Got naked again and taught it how to jitter bug.   Wonderful dance partner.   

I found that a course grind works the best for smoking.    Then I had a brain fart and figured if one can smoke it and get a good buzz why not try snorting?   Course grind is not a good choice for that process. Still blowing out chunks out of my right nostril.    Then I set my burr grinder on fine and ground some of your dark roast twice so I had powder.    That snorted very nicely.    Left nostril is fine.    I did find it bit on the bitter side though.   It was very energizing.   

Me and the dog had a butt dragging race through the living room.    Now I have to get the carpets cleaned because we where both naked again.    Gunna try a IV drip next time.  I’ll keep you posted.   You will see my orders ramp up in the coming weeks. I am making a killing selling dime bags.   

Well that’s about it for now.    I need to go rub some ointment on my backside.     Believe me it’s not a good place to have friction burns. I don’t know who to blame for them. You because of your intoxicating drug or the damn dog for his challenge.

Hope all is well in coffee land.  –  George

“Best Coffee” – Leslie of Yuba City, CA (March 15th, 2021)

what is blonde coffee

Leaving a Lake City Coffee review is the easiest thing i’ve done in a long time. I did a lot of research before ordering my coffee beans from Lake City Coffee and I am thrilled to say I am now on my second order!

The quality of coffee beans combined with spot on roasting is perfection. This is the smoothest coffee I have tasted (No Bitterness).

I have ordered White Lightening, Majestic Medium and Delectable Dark and they are all a 5 out of 5, Enjoy!

“Best Coffee” – Jamie of Irvine, CA (March 14th, 2021)

Best coffee if you enjoy quality!!!!

Jamie, you are spot on. Most coffee lovers, love bad coffee. And I say, “Good for them.” But there are a few of us coffee snobs that want the smoothest quality available anywhere! – Russell

“Great Coffee Makes Mornings Bearable” – Misty of Cave Creek, AZ (March 14th, 2021)

Stronger Coffee

I gave up on using a traditional coffee pot a couple of years ago because I was tired of drinking coffee that tasted burnt and stale. I couldn’t seem to find anything that tasted smooth once it was brewed.

My sister was raving about Lake City Coffee so I decided to give it a go. I’m happy to report that after finding a great machine and more importantly, Lake City coffee, I’m back to my morning routine of enjoying smooth and decadent coffee……. that my husband brews for me 😊

I’m not a morning person and this coffee makes my mornings enjoyable. I love them all but my favorite is the dark roast. My older boys love the white coffee. You can’t go wrong with any of it!

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