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“Roasted On Tuesday & Drinking On Thursday” – W.W. of Bellingham, WA (Aug 14th, 2021)

What's the point of decaf

I’ve spent many years drinking coffee, from many different roasters, and many different growing regions. In search of a different coffee to try, I came across Lake City Coffee, looked good so I ordered some.

Without a doubt, the best of what i’ve had. Fresh roasted really makes a difference. I received my order, put the coffee into mason jars for later use, and brewed a pot. Several hours later, I returned from running errands, and soon as i walked into the garage, to go into the kitchen, I could still smell the great coffee aroma.

Nothing better than coffee roasted on Tuesday, and drinking it fresh on Thursday. Russell the owner, roaster is very friendly, and very customer friendly

“Boy Was I Wrong!” – Ken of Eustis, FL (Aug 13th, 2021)

local spokane coffee roaster

I do not give many reviews on products that I purchase but once I tried Lake City Coffee I made an exception.

Before I tried Lake City Coffee I thought I knew what good coffee tasted like, boy was I wrong now I know what real fresh coffee is. I was of the opinion that bitter coffee was normal well that’s because I have never tasted Lake City Coffee.

This coffee is incredibly smooth and fresh. My search for coffee is over. I am a Lake City coffee customer for life.

“A Longer Steep” – Nathan of Paicines, CA (July 23rd, 2021)

smoothest coffee beans

Good people are good to work with. The customer service was a breath of fresh air and the coffee was new and interesting.

If you like your coffee strong, get the dark/espresso. It is my favorite for the basic coffee pot morning when you do not have time or energy for anything else.

The Majestic Medium is my favorite in the french press. It has a smoothness to it that you don’t find many places.

The White Lightning goes great as a lighter drink. It is almost like having a peanut tea but with a better smell. If you have never had it, I highly suggest trying it.

Buy plenty because it might take a few tries to get the soaking times correct. It takes longer then other coffees.

“Game Changer” – Christy of Chapel Hill, NC (July 13rd, 2021)

True Specialty Coffee

We got our coffee yesterday, made some in the French press, and started some cold brew (first try with that method). Wow!  

We loved the coffee immediately last night, but right now, I am drinking a game changer in this cold brew.  

I woke my teenage daughter up and had her try it. We are blown away! We will definitely be returning for more of your coffee and will be highly recommending to our friends and family. Very well done!

Thank you,Christy

“One-Cup-A-Day” – Trene of Springfield, IL (June 16th, 2021)

Reduced Stress

BIG shout out to Lake City Coffee! I’m a one-cup-a-day drinker, so bitter coffee is areal bummer. While searching for advice on smooth coffee, I stumbled upon Lake City Coffee.

The dark roast is definitely the best coffee I’ve ever had. I also appreciate Russell & Alisha’s advice on how to brew a perfect cup of coffee. The added bonus is that the owners are super nice and responsive.

Do yourself a favor and give them a try. I promise, you’ll be glad that you did.

“Coffee For People That Don’t Like Coffee” – Carol of Flint, TX (May 21st, 2021)

spokane coffee roaster

I found you by searching the internet for “coffee for people who hate coffee”;  I was intrigued by what you wrote about how coffee has changed over the past century or more in how it’s made and… manufactured. And by your own story of discovering *good* coffee. So I decided to take a leap of faith and try it. I read the descriptions of your beans, and was torn between trying the medium roast or “white lightning”. As a tea drinker, I felt safest trying the lighter beans, even though I brew my tea so black it could probably swallow whole solar systems. 

 Your testimony has actually made me a little optimistic that I might finally be able to enjoy the actual taste of coffee. Since you’re the expert, I’ll trust your recommendation of what someone with a taste for strong black tea and inability to stomach Folger’s would enjoy. I’m actually looking forward to receiving my order (even got my hands on a little manual grinder per your recommendation) and finding out what all the fuss is about! 5/21 — You, sir, have done the impossible. I received your package yesterday, worked on my upper body strength last night hand grinding beans, and this morning finally tried a hot cup straight (well, straight after a nice long brew) from the French press. 

I finally get it, I FINALLY understand why people love this! Coffee actually CAN taste divine! Thank you, thank you for your amazing customer service and even more amazing (and that’s a BIG statement) product. You have managed to convert this die-hard tea advocate and coffee hater. 

Thank you for your utterly enjoyable site! 

“Hey Honey! That’s My Coffee!!!” – Kevin of Gaylord, MI (April 30th, 2021)

smoothest coffee beans

This coffee is really special. It’s the first time I can drink coffee without milk and truly enjoy it.

Rachel, my wife, who NEVER drinks coffee always asks me for a sip or two when I brew a cup and she really likes it. It has this lovely, surprising “high note” at the end of each sip which is interesting and complex.

Rachel says that’s why she likes it so much. I’m looking forward to trying both their darker and white blends when we finish this package.

I also really appreciate the “homegrown” aspect of Lake City’s coffee business and the personalized work they put into it. It’s refreshing being able to buy a product and actually communicate with the owners rather than purchase from a faceless corporation.

Additionally, there is so much great coffee info on their website. I highly recommend their coffee.

“Sisters In White” – Bonnie of Camarillo, CA (April 24th, 2021)

Coffee Sisters

I am so glad you suggested I try the white coffee mixed with the dark – it is so good (75% Dark or Medium and 25% White Lightning).  I never would have tried white coffee in a million years if you didn’t suggest it.  I love how it smells like peanut butter!   

Every time I try lighter roasts they taste sour and I have to put more cream/calories in my coffee to cover it up.  My sister and I can’t believe how good and not bitter your coffee is.  It’s not sour either. My sister always would put some sugar in her coffee and she didn’t need to with your coffee!  

What first motivated me to place an order was your musings about conservatism and business, funny wise cracks about your business partner/wife, and the fact that you are Christian. 

What really really sold me though on your company though was all the information about how exactly to make a good cup of coffee, supplies to buy with links, lots and lots of details, and the fact that you drink your coffee and have done home experiments on how to make it as fresh as possible.  I have not seen any website go into that much detail. I love how transparent you are about your business. 

“Fresh Roasted Makes The Difference” – Dan of Dallas, OR (April 23rd, 2021)

I just got home from work to find my coffee waiting for me. You really are right on the ball with getting your orders out ASAP!!!  

fresh roasted coffee

It’s almost 2 in the morning and I have to work tomorrow swing-shift, but I couldn’t help myself, I had to try a nice strong cup of americano. 4 shots and 2 shots hot water. I did the white 25% 75% dark… wonderful!!!  I will try 30% white with 70% medium tomorrow. I think that’s going to be the mix for me!! 🤗🤗🤗 

That being said, I drink coffee every day and it’s my only vice.  The extreme fresh roast REALLY makes a difference!! Either way thank you so much for your fast and very courteous responses, I appreciate it a lot ❤️💝👍

“God Forbid!” – Wendy Ray of Clancy, MT (April 19th, 2021)

Wendy Ray’s Alter Ego

Russell, you’ll probably cuss me, that’s okay, I’m used to it. I have grown weary of cleaning not one, but two, French presses every day. Necessity is the mother of invention, right? I tried an experiment one morning & been rolling with it ever since…..here comes the cussin’  me part.

I grind the beans just a tad finer than for the press, but put them in my fill-it-yourself pod for Keurig. Hit the preset for 12 oz., hit strong brew (it brews much slower) & VOILA!

It’s pretty dang good! Albeit the French press is a little better but this works. It tastes real good, I get caffeinated and the world is a better place! Please don’t murderate me, I don’t take kindly to being ventilated. (and I shoot back). I will, of course, continue to use the press, but for the time being, it works for me.

Thanks again for such a fantastic product…..the 8th wonder of the world, I reckon. Have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day!! 

(Russell’s Reply) Wendy – If the the the the the the “thing”, I can’t even bring myself to saying that word. If that “thing” works for you, then by all means you have my my my my my my, sorry for the stuttering; “blessing”. I’m just happy to be part of your morning. And as for shooting back. I’ve always told Alisha, there’s nothing sexier than a woman packing.  Just saying.

(Wendy Rae’s Reply to me) – oh crap!! You’re not gonna use the WHOLE email, are ya? with’ me whining’ part about cleaning 2 presses every day. And I’m sure you don’t want to mention the, the, the, the, the, ‘thing’…and I don’t blame ya. I LOVE the French press and the fine cuppa joe it makes with your mo’ goodest fresh beans. I just get fed up with the constant cleaning……like I said, just me being a crybaby pee pants. I still do the cleaning & care of the presses.

My Daddy taught me at a very young age to use weapons when I was big enough to pick up a BB gun & use it, by the time I was about 14-ish, he had me onto .357 mags & laying em in the 10 ring. Yep, I’m one of those PEW PEW PEW girls. Spent a few years filling the freezer with my Rem. .308, now I just shoot things with my camera. But my love & respect of weapons has never gone away and I am prepared to defend this property. I pray all the time it never comes to that. I’m too old to fight anymore.

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