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Over the last seven years, we’ve received literally hundreds of our coffee reviews.  I don’t think you need to see them all, so I will post the last 50 or so below. You’ll get the idea. I’ve also included a few antidotal humerous emails.

And if you feel like writing us a review, we’d really appreciate that! Why? Because reviews are a big deal for how well we rank on Screwgle. Just Click Here.  If Screwgle isn’t your thing, then just shoot me an email or click our “Contact Us” page and I’ll put your review down below. Thanks a ton everyone! – Russell & Alisha Volz


It’s the best cup of decaf that I’ve brewed!” – Sam of Wilmington, DE (Jan 28th 2023)

Whole Bean Coffee“Lake City Coffee is outstanding.  I stumbled upon Russell’s “Decaf Coffee” blog while searching for an alternative to what we’d been using and caught myself reading through quite a bit of their site.  I was ready to give their roast a try simply based on a seemingly genuine passion for wanting to share a great cup of coffee. 

So of course we loved Delectable Decaf—you’re getting exactly what is advertised with this coffee.  It’s the best cup of decaf that I’ve brewed.  However, I’m not sticking around for just that.  As good as it is, their customer service is even better—Alisha really adds a personal touch that I don’t think I’ve seen before.  I’m looking forward to trying some of their fully-leaded roasts soon!”

“Best Tasting Coffee Ever!” – Andrew of Sweet Valley, PA (Jan 11th 2023)

how to grind coffee without a grinderFirst, Best tasting coffee we ever had. I am sure you hear this often and enjoy hearing it. As you both should! Well done on producing a product that is exceptional.

Our order of 3 pounds lasted us a total of 7 whole days (we drink a lot of coffee).  Therefore this week, I ordered  5 pounds. lbs. I am trying to get us on a cycle that does not have us running out before the next shipment would arrive.

“Decaf Better Than Regular.” – Steve of Bradenton, FL (Jan 10th 2023)

I was looking for a good tasting decaf dark coffee that I could brew at home. Lake City tastes better than many of the regular dark coffees out there. I am glad I found them.

“Throw a rock hit a coffee shop.” – Mary of Coeur d’Alene, ID (Dec 21st 2022)

espresso gone wrongIn a world infatuated with coffee, the Pacific NW where I live is at the top of the list. Throw a rock hit a coffee shop:) In other words, we have access to plenty of other coffee vendors. Located in gorgeous Coeur d’ Alene Id, Lake City Coffee stands out as a purveyor of truly delicious coffee beans.

Their secret? Well, for one thing how long they roast their beans. (Ask Russell he may just let you in on it.) Because I was buying green beans (they store much longer) & as a somewhat skeptical customer, I was really impressed with the flavor but also Russell and Alisha’s willingness to share how they source & tediously test their beans with exacting standards.

Their knowledge of this art is impressive & won over this customer. Their “passion” for great coffee is obvious…rumor has it they even spent their honeymoon checking out coffee tree orchards…………..by day😉 Please don’t tell them i let that slip? But try their beans, you won’t be disappointed.

Oh, one more thing. If you have never tried the X factor of roasting your own small batch of green beans provided by Lake City Coffee. Some chilly Sunday morning take out your old cast iron skillet and try it. It’s fun, easy, fast, and like bread fresh from the oven compared to day old bread, just plain better. I would add more but I have to go join my family before they finish off the whole pot without me.

“Best Whole Bean White Coffee” – Jason of Post Falls, ID (Nov 29th 2022)

White Coffee BeanRussell and Alisha knock it out of the park with their roasts. Similar to many others, I’ve always had the typical burnt coffee from large corporation companies that clearly want to push product rather than take care of their customers. Lake City Coffee offers a wholesome and hands on approach while keeping their customers in mind.

On top of the freshest beans that taste wonderful, they also offer whole white beans. For those that have not had white coffee, do not confuse it with Flat White that you might find at a chain like Starbucks; it is instead a very light roasted bean that retains a high caffeine content and has a pleasant peanut butter aftertaste (don’t just take my word for it, try it yourself).  As a healthcare worker that works graveyard, their product is a godsend. My partner and I love doing a 50% white/ 50% white blend. Give it a try 🙂

“LOVE LOVE LOVE This coffee” – Kelsi of Colbert, WA (October 19th 2022)

LOVE LOVE LOVE! This coffee is fantastic and the owners of the company are as well. They roast and ship each Tuesday, making sure you have the freshest beans. So worth buying and supporting local as well. Won’t be buying my coffee anywhere else!

“BRCC Forgot Their Customer Base” – Celie of Plano, TX (June 19th 2022)

Lake City CoffeeI was a BRCC customer from its beginnings, not due to political views but to support a veteran owned and employed company. When they chose to forget that the majority of their customers are conservative both politically and morally, that was a deal breaker for me.

So after 5 years as a loyal customer, I decided to find a coffee company that was exactly what they claimed, but also had superior coffee.

It was a journey, but I finally found an upright company with excellent quality coffee in Lake City Coffee. Thank you for your commitment to what you love, coffee and customers!

Lake City Coffee

“I could not be more pleased…” – Nathan of Deadwood, SD (June 18th 2022)

I recently made my first order with you for three bags of beans. I could not be more pleased with the coffee I received, and the values your company stands for.

Frankly I don’t care what all you have to do in order to make things work in this economy (higher prices, etc.), as I fully intend to remain a customer of yours.

“Rich and Smooth” – Jeanetta of Sun City, AZ (April 10th 2022)

I don’t have a google account and am not interested in getting on their radar but would love to attest to how amazing your coffee is. The richness and how smooth your coffee is just makes a delicious cup of coffee that you would be hard pressed to get from other brands. John has tried a number of brands looking for what he gets in every cup of your coffee. Good job!! 

“Patriot Coffee Company” – Brenda of Bonners Ferry, ID (Mar 28th 2022)

What does good coffee taste like

Hi Russel.  I love the medium roast!  I like the dark roast, but my daughter is not a dark roast person and impatiently waited for it to be gone so we could go back to the medium.  I use to get coffee from black rifle coffee, but I was not impressed.  

I was longing for good coffee so I (don’t laugh) did an internet search for a conservative or Patriot coffee company.  I do not want to support a woke company.  Your site came up and I began to read through your information.  

I was thrilled to see that you are not only a Patriot, but more importantly, a Christian.  Your “best cup of fresh roasted coffee story” sealed the deal.  I had to try it.  Now when I think of coffee, my brain brings the smell and taste of your coffee to mind.  You were right and I’m glad I did that internet search.  

“OMG – Coffee Heaven!” – Suzann of Bloomer, WI (Mar 18th, 2022)

Dear Russell and Alisha, Our order arrived in a great timely manner.We just first opened up the one bag on Saturday and Paul ground some of it. The medium blend.We first had it yesterday morning – Sunday. OMG!!!! NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! Coffee Heaven!

I’m looking forward to trying the other two roasts as well – the dark and the light.I think Paul is “hooked”. He can be a bit of a hard sell; but he seemed pleased.I LOVE how it has such an earthy/organic/natural/almost-nut-like/COFFEE taste!  Certainly not bitter, harsh, acidic or anything like that.VERY, very pleased!  Thank you!

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