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Over the last seven years, we've received literally hundreds of our coffee reviews, most of which are on Google Reviews.  I don't think you need to see them all, so I will post the last 50 or so below. You'll get the idea. I've also included a few antidotal humorous emails.

And if you feel like writing us a review, we'd really appreciate that! Why? Because reviews are a big deal for how well we rank on Screwgle.

If Screwgle isn't your thing, then just shoot me an email or go to our Contact Us page and I'll put your review down below. Thanks a ton everyone!

- Russell & Alisha Volz


Just Plain Amazing

I can’t say enough good things about this coffee. It’s just plain amazing. So much Flavor and so smooth. Shipping is very quick. Owners are very friendly.

Get Off The Fence

The smoothest coffee we have had! If you are on the fence about trying it. Just order you will be happy. The Medium roast is our favorite. We were out of town for a few weeks and had to go back to the other coffee we used to get and it was a big difference so much so if lake city coffee stopped roasting my husband and I agree we will stop drinking coffee.

Keurig & Lake City Coffee “Lifer”!

You have created what I used to refer to as a “Lifer”!  I’ll be buying from Lake City from now on (as long as you two are still roasting beans!)  I’m in love with my coffee again and it’s due to your deliciously delectable beans!  I’m simply brewing in my Keurig (which has a “filter cup” that I can put any ground in that I want); and it’s just turning out great!  I’ve had several family members call me out for having really good tasting coffee and I have you both to thank for that!

You can taste the freshness

Seriously so good! We have tried many brands and I’m all about local. Love that it’s roasted and shipped same day. You can taste the freshness and the medium roast is just perfect. Not bitter but great taste.

Better Than Fancy Coffee From Kiosk

Literally the freshest coffee one can get. I had no idea coffee beans weren’t supposed to be dried out looking. I will buy my coffee from Lake City from now on. I’d rather have my own coffee from home than go get a fancy coffee now.

My Go-To Coffee

Lake City Coffee is definitely my go-to! Excellent coffee and fun, informative blog. You get 5 stars from me! Looking forward to my next batch.

Switching To Lake City Coffee

First off, it’s nice to see a company whose morals align with the customers and do not waiver in the wind, this is what first drew me to this company. But what keeps me coming back is their delicious coffee. Not sure if this is good or bad but I used to drink one cup of coffee a day, since I have been drinking Lake City Coffee, I am now two or three cups a day. You will not regret switching to Lake City Coffee!

Slone Family Coffee Review

It’s the best cup of decaf that I’ve brewed!

Lake City Coffee is outstanding.  I stumbled upon Russell’s “Decaf Coffee” blog while searching for an alternative to what we’d been using and caught myself reading through quite a bit of their site.  I was ready to give their roast a try simply based on a seemingly genuine passion for wanting to share a great cup of coffee. 

So of course we loved Delectable Decaf—you’re getting exactly what is advertised with this coffee.  It’s the best cup of decaf that I’ve brewed.  However, I’m not sticking around for just that.  As good as it is, their customer service is even better—Alisha really adds a personal touch that I don’t think I’ve seen before.  I’m looking forward to trying some of their fully-leaded roasts soon!

Best Tasting Coffee Ever!

First, Best tasting coffee we ever had. I am sure you hear this often and enjoy hearing it. As you both should! Well done on producing a product that is exceptional.

Our order of 3 pounds lasted us a total of 7 whole days (we drink a lot of coffee).  Therefore this week, I ordered  5 pounds. lbs. I am trying to get us on a cycle that does not have us running out before the next shipment would arrive.

Decaf Better Than Regular

I was looking for a good tasting decaf dark coffee that I could brew at home. Lake City tastes better than many of the regular dark coffees out there. I am glad I found them.

Lake City Coffee

"From Our Roaster to Your Table in 24-72 Hours"