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Over the last seven years, we’ve received literally hundreds of our coffee reviews.  I don’t think you need to see them all, so I will post the last 50 or so below. You’ll get the idea. I’ve also included a few antidotal humerous emails.

And if you feel like writing us a review, we’d really appreciate that! Why? Because reviews are a big deal for how well we rank on Screwgle (still the 600 lb. gorilla in the search engine world, but not for long) .  You can leave your review on Screwgle, by just Clicking Here.  Don’t worry, I’ll copy and paste your Screwgle review over onto this page. Or if Screwgle isn’t your thing, then just shoot me an email or click our “Contact Us” page and I’ll put your review down below. Thanks a ton everyone! – Russell & Alisha Volz


“BRCC Forgot Their Customer Base” – Celie of Plano, TX (June 19th 2022)

Lake City CoffeeI was a BRCC customer from its beginnings, not due to political views but to support a veteran owned and employed company. When they chose to forget that the majority of their customers are conservative both politically and morally, that was a deal breaker for me.

So after 5 years as a loyal customer, I decided to find a coffee company that was exactly what they claimed, but also had superior coffee.

It was a journey, but I finally found an upright company with excellent quality coffee in Lake City Coffee. Thank you for your commitment to what you love, coffee and customers!

“I could not be more pleased…” – Nathan of Deadwood, SD (June 18th 2022)

Lake City CoffeeI recently made my first order with you for three bags of beans. I could not be more pleased with the coffee I received, and the values your company stands for.

Frankly I don’t care what all you have to do in order to make things work in this economy (higher prices, etc.), as I fully intend to remain a customer of yours.

Best of luck to you both, and thank you.


“Rich and Smooth” – Jeanetta of Sun City, AZ (April 10th 2022)

I don’t have a google account and am not interested in getting on their radar but would love to attest to how amazing your coffee is. The richness and how smooth your coffee is just makes a delicious cup of coffee that you would be hard pressed to get from other brands. John has tried a number of brands looking for what he gets in every cup of your coffee. Good job!! 

“Patriot Coffee Company” – Brenda of Bonners Ferry, ID (Mar 28th 2022)

What does good coffee taste like

Hi Russel.  I love the medium roast!  I like the dark roast, but my daughter is not a dark roast person and impatiently waited for it to be gone so we could go back to the medium.  I use to get coffee from black rifle coffee, but I was not impressed.  

I was longing for good coffee so I (don’t laugh) did an internet search for a conservative or Patriot coffee company.  I do not want to support a woke company.  Your site came up and I began to read through your information.  

I was thrilled to see that you are not only a Patriot, but more importantly, a Christian.  Your “best cup of fresh roasted coffee story” sealed the deal.  I had to try it.  Now when I think of coffee, my brain brings the smell and taste of your coffee to mind.  You were right and I’m glad I did that internet search.  

“OMG – Coffee Heaven!” – Suzann of Bloomer, WI (Mar 18th, 2022)

Dear Russell and Alisha, Our order arrived in a great timely manner.We just first opened up the one bag on Saturday and Paul ground some of it. The medium blend.We first had it yesterday morning – Sunday. OMG!!!! NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! Coffee Heaven!

I’m looking forward to trying the other two roasts as well – the dark and the light.I think Paul is “hooked”. He can be a bit of a hard sell; but he seemed pleased.I LOVE how it has such an earthy/organic/natural/almost-nut-like/COFFEE taste!  Certainly not bitter, harsh, acidic or anything like that.VERY, very pleased!  Thank you!

“Decaf Tastes Just Like Regular” – Robert of Boerne, TX (Feb 8th, 2022)

I received my bag of decaf coffee today. I ground some up and it is an excellent tasting coffee. The decaf is very smooth and tastes just like regular coffee. It’s the best decaf I’ve tasted. I’m glad I found your coffee company online and can’t wait to try the regular also.

“Decaf – Absolutely Great” – Katie of Newark, CA (Feb 7th, 2022)

Best Temperature For Coffee

Hi Russell!  I wanted to let you know the decaf arrived and it is absolutely great! It smelled wonderful as soon as we opened it and taste perfect. It was interesting because this bag was puffed up when it arrived unlike the other one.
Thank you so much for sending a new bag! 

“La Pastor Beans ROCK!” – Krys of Greensboro, NC (Jan 31st, 2022)

We LOVE the new beans. We use a French Press and hand grind our beans daily.  We have been using these new beans just as we always have with the old beans and the new coffee has been bold and very smooth.  We both enjoy it that way since we drink it black and straight.

Thank you for finding the new beans. We will be ordering gain soon. 

“Iiiiiiiiiiimmmmm Baaaaack!” – Mike of Riesel, TX (Dec 30th, 2021)

Lake City Coffee ReviewYes sir I’m definitely back! I enjoyed your coffee so much I actually shared with family over Christmas. There were a couple folks asking for your info.  

I was seriously considering ordering 3 bags and you are exactly correct about me pondering the freshness question. 

Thank you for your communication and excellent roast! I would do a google review however I don’t have a google account. Mike

“Better Than Black Rifle Coffee” – Vanessa of Westwood, NJ (Dec 26h, 2021)

Thank you so much for the amazing coffee!! I used to get Black Rifle Coffee, but now that I’ve had your coffee, there’s no going back!!  Your coffee is fresh and smooth, the taste is amazing!! I didn’t realize I was suffering until now!!

This coffee is delicious!! Looking forward to many years of drinking your coffee!!

“That’s What I’m Talking About!!!” – Suzanne of Bloomer, WI (Dec 20th, 2021)

Dear Russell and Alisha,

Our order arrived in a great timely manner.We just first opened up the one bag on Saturday and Paul ground some of it. The medium blend.We first had it yesterday morning – Sunday. OMG!!!! NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! Coffee Heaven!

I’m looking forward to trying the other two roasts as well – the dark and the light.I think Paul is “hooked”. He can be a bit of a hard sell; but he seemed pleased.

I LOVE how it has such an earthy/organic/natural/almost-nut-like/COFFEE taste!  Certainly not bitter, harsh, acidic or anything like that.VERY, very pleased! 

Thank you!

“The Alternative Economy” – Jimmy of Indianapolis, IN (Dec 10th, 2021)

Best damn coffee on the planet

“This company is awesome.  I get individualized emails from Russell.  This husband and wife team must work really hard to keep it so personal.  They are true coffee experts, aficionados.  I don’t think I could stump Russell on a coffee question if I tried.  

His website/blog is a wealth of knowledge too – and funny!  The best part of doing business with Lake City Coffee is that I feel like I’m contributing to the alternative economy, an economy that shares my values.  

Almost feels like family.  

Thanks Russell and Alisha and God bless you and your wonderful coffee operation!”

“Best Medium Roast” – Chris of Coeur d’Alene, ID (Dec 4th, 2021)

Best Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee

“The medium roast makes a very smooth cup of coffee with no bitterness or bad aftertaste.

As someone who drinks coffee black, it is almost impossible to find a roast that is not over-roasted that has a burnt “espresso” taste.

I like coffee flavored coffee, not burnt coffee that you mix in hot milk, chocolate, whipped cream and sugar.

Lake City Coffee Medium Roast delivers. People who appreciate coffee will love this roast. Customer service is top-notch as well. Well done Russell and Alisha…”

Blonde Coffee

Hand Written Roast Date” – Tony of Lewisburg TN (Nov 27th, 2021)

Excellent coffee! It’s smooooth, fresh and has a roast date hand written on every bag. Debating the stuff? Buy it now, it’s worth every cent!

“Faceless Corps Just Can’t Compete” – Rob of San Diego, CA (Nov 23rd, 2021)

This operation is the real deal. They go far out of their way to guarantee the quality and freshness of the beans, and the consistency of the roast is impeccable.

Faceless corporations just can’t compete on quality and customer service.

Slipping a few beans from the White Lightning roast among the darker roasts when I’m grinding adds some nice peanutty grace notes, and lets me really dial in my caffeine levels.

“God – Country – Coffee” – Phil of Hidden Valley Lake, CA (October 19th)

Prayer and Coffee

The coffee is not just smooth and delicious but the website has everything you’d ever want to know about coffee.

If you’re going to sip a cup of joe, why not do it with confidence knowing it’s from a place that truly loves God and country. Thank you!!


“Great Business Model” – Sterling of Johnson City, TN (October 12th, 2021)

Great coffee, great business model, always on time. Much better than old beans in your grocery store or roasters that can’t tell you when your coffee beans were roasted.

“Better Than Jamaican Blue Mountain” – John of Sun City, AZ (Sep 13th, 2021)

The Villages Coffee Roaster

Well, I got my coffee a little bit ago. My favorite coffee in the world prior to tonight was blue mountain from country traders. But at $44 plus shipping a bag it is out of my price range for a daily drink. Well, I will say that your coffee is actually better than blue mountain at less than half the price. Thank you.

I hope that you are proud of the coffee that you have created. It is wonderful. Thanks and I will be ordering more in a few weeks after I drink this. I will be mentioning this coffee to my friends and probably to a forum that I am on also. Great work. 

I’m a true “coffee snob” according to my brother. I was looking for the best coffee and found Lake City Coffee. I’m telling you, if you pass on trying this coffee, it’s your loss! This is truly 5 star coffee.

If you like true Jamaican Blue Mountain, you’ll love this coffee.

“Great Fresh Coffee” – Lydia of Sarasota, FL (Sep 1st, 2021)

Great tasting real and organic coffee, fresh roasted and shipped right away, they even threw in a free sample with our first order and we’re looking forward to receiving our second order of Medium roast.

“Better Than Kona” – Marty of Sarasota, FL (Aug 30th, 2021)

Below is an email I received from Marty, but before reading it, I have to tell you the back-story. Keep in mind that Marty has been a regular customer with us for almost a year.

When Marty first came to us, he said, “I used to live in Kona Hawaii and absolutely loved the fresh Kona coffee. I might even have purchased that condo in Kona just for the local coffee. “

“Unfortunately, since leaving Kona and moving to Florida, I haven’t been able to find coffee that’s anywhere near as good as Kona coffee. The coffee alone is one reason that we now vacation in Kona.”

Now for today’s email…

“Hi Russ, We are in Kona now and I have to say, you’ve spoiled me. The Kona brews just don’t do it for me anymore. Can you please (I’m on my knees begging) send to me three bags of medium ASAP to our address here in Kona? Thanks! Desperately Marty”.

“Flashing neon “Fantastic!” – Jenn of Centreville, MD (Aug 17th, 2021)

how to make coffee taste good

So here’s the report on the beans: Flashing neon “Fantastic!”

When you can impress an engineer, you know you’ve accomplished something. Dan’s first comment was, “Wow! There is a difference.” Even the smell of the pre-ground beans was better.

The beans arrived in 3 days (you didn’t mention you have genie capabilities). We have a FoodSaver so we sealed the beans in the freezer immediately. Since we wanted to follow your advice to the letter, we waited until the week-end to grind them so they could go directly into the coffee maker.

After the first grinding, we got to experimenting and settled on a medium grind. I never suspected grinding coffee beans would be fun, but it is! I grind flour, too, but it’s not the same as watching those little beans jumping around (is that why they call it the hopper?) and converting to a perfect heap of richly-colored, consistently-sized bean fragments. So satisfying.

Thank you guys for starting us on this coffee journey. See you on our next order.

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