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Over the last eight years, we've received literally hundreds of reviews, many of which are on Google Reviews.  I don't think you need to see them all, so I will post the last 50-100 or so below. You'll get the idea. I've also included a few antidotal humorous emails.

And if you feel like writing us a review, we'd really appreciate that! Why? Because reviews are a big deal for how well we rank on Screwgle.

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- Russell & Alisha Volz


Stumbled across this awesome coffee while searching the internet for best long term storage methods for coffee beans. After reading their website and learning about coffee roasting as well as their beliefs and values, I decided to try it and I’m so happy I did. We ordered a bag of each of the dark, medium and White Lightning roasts. I loved them all. My wife preferred the dark roast (which is not over roasted like so many dark roast coffees!). The White Lightning is very lightly roasted so the bean is a nice golden color and when they say it has a peanut butter type scent, they aren’t lying! There is less caffeine in it so I like it for a nice afternoon coffee to brew. The owners communicate well and after the Tuesday roast day, your coffee arrives quickly! I’ve had a lot of coffee in my 59 years and can honestly say that few have compared to Lake City! We are now waiting for our second order to be roasted tomorrow and shipped out to us! Thank you for your passion for a great cup of coffee and willingness to share it with the world, Russell and Alisha!

Very Smooth – Not Bitter

Great communication and very informative regarding their coffee. Very smooth, not bitter. Simply the best coffee I’ve ever tried!

Newbee Picking Russell’s Brain

Being relatively new to the home brew coffee game, I was very fortunate to be able to pick Russell’s brain on a couple of occasions about their product. After following his equipment and brewing advice, I’m completely sold on their fantastic coffee. So much so after trying and loving their Magestic Medium I just put an order in for their Delectable Dark and White Lightning roast.

Just In Time Coffee

Absolutely the best coffee I’ve ever had. Now I finally get to enjoy my coffee. I wish I’d found out about LakeCityCoffee years ago.

My New Favorite Coffee

Delicious, smooth and fresh! My new favorite coffee. Delivered to me a day or two after being fresh roasted! You have to try.

Coffee Roaster Sharing My Beliefs

In a search to find a coffee bean supplier that is more in-line with my beliefs, I found Lake City. We gave them a try and the coffee is incredible, the instructions are perfect and the service has been without compare. Extremely satisfied and would highly recommend anyone searching to give this company a shot.

Service, Interactions With Owners, Coffee all Phenominal

Amazing personalized service! I was very impressed by the quality of all my interactions and the coffee itself is phenomenal. Sadly I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to my old coffee brands again

Second To None – Don’t Change


I just wanted to tell you how much my wife and I love your coffee. Your service is unbeatable and the taste of your coffee is second to none. Thank-you for everything and please don’t change.


Response To Price Increase

Dear Alisha and Russell,

This is the most open book email I have seen from a “supplier” or business owner at year-end, I do think ever. 30+ years in manufacturing and nobody has ever made me want to buy MORE of something with a price increase email until today. You two are a prize pair! I assure you that your attitude towards business, and most importantly towards God and Country, are the bedrock foundation that will not just hold you up in 2024, but allow you to further grow and prosper.

I will be honest with you now. My wife and I typically only hand grind and enjoy your coffee on weekends. As a luxury. On week days, we typically fall in the group who drop and consume our coffee from Keurig and Nespresso pods. It is easier, faster and cheaper. But God too has blessed us above measure in 2023 and into 2024. In great appreciation of your commitment to honor Him in all you do (and because of your below email), I will commit to putting pen to paper to formulate a plan to use more of your product in 2024 and at your higher price.

It may not be noticeable to your accountant, but I believe wholeheartedly that if a cup of water in the Lord’s name has power, then so does a cup of coffee. So I commit this effort to you both and many cups of coffee in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ with His blessing and His bounty. May your business DOUBLE in 2024 by His miraculous power. And tell your accountant to get ready!


In Christ Alone

Just Plain Amazing

I can’t say enough good things about this coffee. It’s just plain amazing. So much Flavor and so smooth. Shipping is very quick. Owners are very friendly.
Lake City Coffee

"From Our Roaster to Your Table in 24-72 Hours"