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If you’re a coffee lover, coffee fanatic, or just a coffee snob, then I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re in the process of looking on the internet for the best online coffee roasters. If so, then the logical question is how do you differentiate between industrial coffee roasters and truly fresh coffee roasters?

Best Coffee?

Costa Rican CoffeeTo begin with, we need to decide what kind of coffee do you like? If you like burnt and bitter industrial coffee then a good specialty coffee company, like Lake City Coffee, is probably not for you. Let’s face it, some people love Folgers, Yuban, Starbucks, and Costco coffee. Good for them. But I’m guessing that’s not you.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a soul satisfyingly smooth cup of coffee, where you can actually taste the bean’s subtle flavors, then you’re definitely in the right place. We’re going to quickly go over a few major differences between the industrial coffee companies and the best online coffee roasters.

Small Is Better

best online coffee roastersLet me ask you, does McDonalds make the best hamburgers? Is Wal-Mart the best grocery store? Is Two-Buck-Chuck the best wine? The reason these companies thrive is because they’re trying to appeal to the masses. It’s no different with industrial coffee companies. They know that they can make a huge profit by providing burnt and bitter coffee at a cheap price. Fortunately, the difference in taste between industrial coffee roasters and the best online coffee roasters is nothing short of amazing.

Single Sourced Coffee

fresh roasted coffee beansLike fine wine, truly great coffee can have multiple flavors. It can have early flavors, mid-flavors, and late flavors. Some of those flavors might be overt and others might be subtle. The taste of fine coffee might include descriptions as bright, sweet, chocolate, citrus, spice, earthy, caramel, berry, nutty, buttery, smoky, etc.

Fortunately, God created coffee beans with unique and specific flavors. That’s why I only purchase single-sourced coffee beans, where all the beans in your bag come from the same country, region, co-op, and grower. I look for growers with beans that are super smooth, naturally sweet, and with zero bitterness. We found such a coffee bean in Central America.

The Land Of Romance & Coffee

best online coffee roasters

During our Honeymoon in early 2017, we learned that not only was Costa Rica romantic, but it also had some of the best coffee that we had ever tasted. We were especially impressed with the Costa Rican coffee from the Amopola Co-op in the Tarazzo region.

Keep in mind that most coffee purchased in America has only one or two discernible flavors. Not this coffee. Amopola Tarazzo coffee from Costa Rica has several subtle flavors, including chocolate, nut, spice, and a slight citrus finish. This coffee is so smooth and naturally sweet that cream and sugar are not needed. Perhaps our single sourced Amopola Tarazzo coffee is one reason that Lake City Coffee is one of the best online coffee roasters in America.

Tasting The Bean & Not The Roaster

coeur d'alene gourmet coffeeCan I be blunt here? The reason that industrial coffee tastes bitter and burnt is because the mega coffee companies buy cheap bitter beans and then burn the snot out of those beans in an attempt to mask the bitter taste.

Only the best online coffee roasters, like Lake City Coffee, are willing to break from the left-coast crowd and purchase the best beans that money can buy and then gently roast those beans the old fashioned way, low-n-slow over an open fire. We think it’s better to taste the bean instead of tasting the roaster.

Freshness – World-Class Coffee

best organic coffee in Coeur d'AleneI can’t tell you how many people come home from vacation saying that they had the best coffee in Brazil, Hawaii, Mexico, India, Costa Rica, or wherever. The reason these vacationers had such a great coffee experience is because, unlike in the United States, their coffee was so fresh.

That’s why I roast and ship the same day, with guaranteed delivery anywhere in the US within 24-48 hours. That’s probably why we’re widely considered the best online coffee roaster in America. You see some things were just intended to be made in small fresh batches.

Online Spokane Coffee Roaster

Spokane Coffee Roaster

Did you know that 200 years ago the bottom layer of coffee bags in the old clipper sailing ships became wet and spoiled. Instead of tossing these spoiled beans into the harbor, the French coffee traders roasted the snot out of these beans and sold them to the poor. Fast forward to the 1980’s and industrial coffee companies followed suite by buying vastly inferior beans, burnt the snot out them, and sold them as… as… as…

You guessed it, “French Roast”, i.e., again more marketing BS.

Real Service – Not Lip Service

Whole Bean CoffeeMy intent was never to be the biggest coffee roaster, just to be the best online coffee roaster. To me that means more than just a great product. It means knowing my customers; knowing what each and every customer likes and what he doesn’t like. It means being real and transparent; and always giving great service, not lip service.

Lake City Coffee may be small, but I’m here to stay. And if you’ll give me the chance to make you a believer, then I’ll bust my butt to become your best online coffee roaster.

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