New Depression Therapy – Coffee!

What do you do when you get down or depressed? Some people take a walk, others eat, and some drink alcohol. The best depression therapy is coffee. That’s right! When I’m a little down, I brew up a pot of the best fresh roasted coffee beans that money can buy. This is basically a self-imposed time-out; an opportunity to let life race on by without me. I take that time to count my blessings.

Best Whole Bean CoffeePity-Party Time

Let’s honestly admit that by-and-large depression in a vast majority of the cases is nothing more than a pity-party. I personally believe it’s a tragic sin for most Americans to feel sorry for themselves. We in this country are truly gifted with an abundance of blessings.

When down-n-out, I like playing a game while I drink my soul satisfyingly smooth cup of gourmet coffee. “I’m you.” Well if not you then, I’m someone else. I have their problems instead of mine. I have their history instead of mine. I’m married to their spouse instead of mine. In most instances, I’d rather keep my own problems, thank you very much!

Best Coffee Beans

best gourmet coffee

So, why would I drink the best gourmet coffee when I’m down and want to turn my day around? Most people mistakenly think that coffee’s a stimulant. As a master coffee roaster, I contend that the best gourmet coffee is a relaxant. Let’s look at the facts and let you be the judge.

  1. Take some fresh, lightly roasted, organic, best gourmet coffee
  2. Hand press that hot coffee into your favorite mug (Use AeroPress)
  3. Add a dollop of fresh 40% cream
  4. Sit in a quiet place
  5. Close your eyes
  6. And start counting your blessings

By the time you get to the bottom of the steaming cup of soul satisfyingly smooth gourmet coffee, you’ll remember how greatly you are blessed. Problem solved!

Doggie Detail

For those of you in a full-on major clinical depression, do what I do.

I go clean the dog shit out of the back yard. It really puts life into perspective; maybe it will for you too. Give it a try.

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