Moka Pot Review

Before I get into our Moka Pot Review, let me emphasize one very important point. There is no single great brewing method. There is no unequivocally bad way to make coffee. It all depends on your personal likes and dislikes. The Moka Pot is a perfect example of this truth.

Drink Coffee That You Like

I personally like my coffee to be smooth as silk, i.e. zero bitterness. I also like subtle notes of chocolate or berry. That’s me. That’s what I like.

Your tastes could be very different from mine. You might prefer strong, in-your-face, bold, bitter, and burnt coffee. Man, if that’s what you like, there’s certainly no shortage of coffee companies that can provide to you industrial burnt and bitter coffee.

Smooth Coffee

Moka Pot's Humble Beginings

The Moka Pot was invented in the 19th century in Italy and has changed very little since. Unlike many brewing methods, this one extracts flavors from your coffee grounds using both heat and pressure.

In this sense, it is a little like an espresso machine. In fact, it has often been called the poor man's espresso.

Moka Pot Tasting Notes

If you like industrial, burnt, and bitter coffee, then the Moka Pot really delivers. So, if you like in-your-face, thick, dark, intense, and bitter coffee, you'll be impressed with this brewing system.

Like a bad espresso, the Moka Pot does very much taste like espresso. On the other hand, if you've had an exceptionally good shot of espresso, using super smooth beans which have not been over roasted, like ours, then this doesn't even come close. For my tasting notes on a great espresso, see my blogpost "My First Espresso".

As the video above shows, I personally found the taste of this coffee brewing system to be nasty, i.e. burnt and very bitter. But then again, that's me. You might love it.

Dog Howeling Coffee
Russell and Alisha Volz

Lake City Coffee

Alisha and I (Russell) started Lake City Coffee in 2015. Our obsession was to find super smooth (non-bitter) beans, then roast them to perfection. Unlike almost all coffee roasters, who roast hot-n-fast, we on the other hand roast low-n-slow.

Low-n-slow roasting insures that the beans retain as much of their natural oils as possible. These oils contain all of the bean's bioflavonoids, antioxidants, caffeine, and flavor.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we learned that the fresher the roasted bean the better the coffee. Therefore, our beans are still warm when they go into your Priority Mail shipping box. That's why we say, "From our roaster to your table in 24-72 hours".

Lake City Coffee

"From Our Roaster to Your Table in 24-72 Hours"