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Where can you find a Made In USA french press? Unfortunately, American coffee brewing manufacturers don't realize how many real Americans are willing to pay more, a lot more, for a Made In USA French Press. Here's how you can make your own.

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ABC - Anything But China

Let's face it. It's just a matter of time before we're in a war with China. So, why on earth would the US economy, US Government, or US Patriots, purchase anything from China? Given a choice we shouldn't. I will go to great lengths to purchase Made In USA products, especially those made near my home town.

If I can't find a locally made product or one at least one Made In USA, then I will consider products made by our allies. In the coffee world, many products are made in Italy, Japan, Switzerland, etc.

Mission From God

For you "Blues Brothers" fans, I've been on a mission from God to find Made In USA coffee equipment. I've found only three:


  • AeroPress (made in San Francisco, which technically is currently still part of the US)









  • Ball/Mason Jar - Cold Brew


Thinking that a French Press is technically about the simplest brewing system, I spent about 100 hours on the internet looking for one Made In USA. Yesterday, I was so frustrated, that I said to myself, "Screw it! I'll make my own." After an hour at Home Depot, I came home with a bag full of parts and went to work.

AeroPress Accessories
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Pour-Over Coffee Maker
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Ball Jar

Off The Shelf Parts

If I was an inventor, machinist, or engineer, this project would make more sense. Since not only am I not any of these things, I'm also, as Alisha would say, mechanically challenged. But sucking at something never stopped or even slowed me down. Heck, I dance all night long every new-year's-eve, yet I haven't a cell in my body that has any sense of rhythm.

So, it seems obvious to me to try and use off-the-shelf parts. For instance, I know that Ball/Mason, and their subsidiaries make a majority of their products right here in the USA. So, I'm figuring to start with them and see what we come up with.

Home Made French Press Experiments

Attempt #1

I used an old fashion'd beer can opener and poked two holes in the top of a Mason/Ball jar lid. Then, I put coffee and water into the jar. After that, I then placed a paper coffee filter on top of the jar. I then screwed the lid onto the jar and tried pouring the coffee through the filter and the hole. Unfortunately, all I got was a mess, not to mention it took forever to get the coffee to seep through the filter.

Attempt #2

I drilled a dozen holes into the jar lid, then repeated all the steps from Attempt #1. Again, it took forever and I had nothing but a big mess.

Attempt #3

I attached a bolt to the center of two drilled out lids, with a filter in between. Unfortunately, the seal around the drilled lid didn't work. Again, all I got was a mess and tons of grounds in the liquid.

Attempt #4

This time, I bent a coat hanger into a loop and tried pushing the coffee filter down into the mixture of coffee and water. Again, the seal around the coat hanger and filter was to wide and let a ton of grounds into my coffee cup.

Attempt #5

After mixing my water and coffee grounds in a Mason jar, let it steep for 3 minutes, I then poured the coffee through a sive/strainer and into my coffee mug. This worked great!

Experiment with coffee
Insulated coffee mugs made in usa
Diabetic Coffee

Made In USA French Press - Success or Failure?

Using just a Mason jar and a sieve/strainer worked great. It was easy to brew and even easier to clean. I'm thinking this brewing method might be even better than a traditional French Press.

Granted this, in fact, isn't a tradition French Press, but it did allow the grounds to soak in the water as a true French Press would. Keep in mind that the "press" side of the equation, doesn't affect the flavor at all. The "press" is just a matter of convenience. In this case, I think the sieve/strainer is just as convenient as a traditional French Press.

Manufacturing is typically an iterative process of design, fabricate, test, fail, repeat. At this point, I have a partial success. It's not exactly a "French Press", but it works and is convenient. I call this a win.

Lake City Coffee Manufacturing?

So, what's next? I'll continue to improve on this Mason Jar & Sieve solution. I'll also keep my eye on my next project. Will it be:

  • A vacuum insulated mug
  • An electric grinder
  • An electric gooseneck kettle
  • A stovetop gooseneck kettle
  • etc.

I wanted to stick with providing the best fresh roasted beans that money could buy. Yet, this Made In USA is like a dog hanging from my pant-leg.  It's just a matter of time before I get serious enough to get knee deep in real manufacturing.

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