How To Find Low Acid Coffee K Cups

If you want great coffee that’s also easy on your stomach, easy to make, and easy on your wallet, then Low Acid Coffee K Cups is the perfect prescription for making low acid k cup coffee.

K-Cup Full Disclosure

I’m going to assume, that if you’re reading this article, you’re a big K-Cup fan. That being the case, you’re going to love this story.

Best Coffee Beans In The WorldI used to think of K-Cup coffee was the nastiest coffee on the planet. You couldn’t get me to drink it for all the love or money in the world. Then one day, I went to a friend’s house, who was also a whole bean coffee customer of mine. The second my butt touched his living room chair he says, “Hey, how about a cup of coffee”.  I mean, heck its my coffee, right? So, I say, “Sure”.

With this huge shit-eating grin, he runs into the kitchen. I hear a bit of commotion, and what seemed like less than 1 minute later, he’s back in the living room with a cup of coffee. Apparently, he must have made a pot before I arrived.

I took one sip and thought, “Gee pretty good for an amateur.”  I mean it wasn’t as good as my fresh roasted, fresh ground, fresh hand pressed AeroPress brewing, but it was still pretty darn good. And I told him so. He immediately put his shit-eating grin back on, which made me suspicious. He then says, “Son, what you’re drinking there is your whole bean coffee made in my K-Cup coffee maker”, a.k.a. Keurig. 

My mind froze. I took another sip to restart my mind, and sure enough, the coffee was regrettably “good”; smooth as silk, zero bitterness, and zero acid!  How could that be? Ahhhh… my friends. That’s why you’re here reading this article. 

The Perfect Low Acid Coffee K Cups

whole bean decaf coffeeI could just tell you right now what to go buy, but that would ruin the story and you wouldn’t enjoy the journey, nor would you appreciate the reason for my recommendations.

As a professional coffee roaster, coffee company owner, and someone with more stomach issues than Carter has liver pills (that’s old-man talk meaning “a lot”), I (Russell) will tell you that K-Cups don’t have to taste bad.  K-Cups can be fast and taste glorious, and be easy on your stomach.

We’re going to cover several issues, which lead to the perfect low acid coffee k cups. Don’t go skipping to the bottom of this post, because you’ll want to know why and exactly how to make low acid k cup coffee.

best coffee temperatureSmooth – Low Acid K-Cups

The issues, which we’re going to cover are:

            1. Stomach Acid
            2. Coffee Acid
            3. Coffee Roasting
            4. Good Coffee
            5. K-Cups In General
            6. Specific Recommendation

What Is pH Level of Acid?

low acid k cup coffeeThe pH level is just a way to measure how acidic or how base something might be.

  • A pH of 1 is super acidic.
  • Then a pH of 7 is neutral (water).
  • Lastly, a pH of 14 is super base (alkalis).

You want to avoid both high acid and high base. Too much of either will upset your stomach.

Your Stomach’s pH Level

low acid coffee k cups When at rest, your stomach’s pH level is normally between 4 and 5. That Ph level will likely change based on what you’re eating. This is an important point. If you think that coffee is giving you stomach issues, it might just likely be that the coffee and your food aren’t agreeing with each other.  Here’s where paying attention to what you eat and how it affects you is very important.

There are a few hard and fast rules when it comes to keeping “your” stomach happy. Your upset stomach could be from running either too acidic or too base (alkalis). Some people, like me, always run too acidic, regardless of what I’ve eaten. I lived on a bottle of Tums every week for decades. Antacids containing Calcium and Aluminum, which are alkalis, which are used to balance your stomach from too much acid into something closer to normal. low acid coffee k cups

Coffee’s pH Level

Coffee’s pH level is darn near identical to your stomach’s “resting” or “natural” state of 4 to 5.  That being the case, then coffee shouldn’t be giving you indigestion. But it is. What gives?

As I said earlier, what you eat can change your stomach’s pH level quite a bit. For me, sugar and simple carbohydrates, gives me horrible indigestion. Add to that a cup of coffee; who’s to say which is the culprit?

Coffee may be the reason you stomach isn’t happy, but I’ll bet that it’s the brand or roast of coffee that’s causing your issues. I’ve been drinking coffee for a decade with zero stomach issues, and so can you. This isn’t rocket science, but it’s worth delving into for a moment.

What Roast is Best for Your Stomach?

Best Whole Bean Coffee ClubI’ve seen studies claiming that dark roast is better for your stomach and I’ve seen studies saying that a lighter roast is better. Here’s what I do know for sure. Most industrial coffee companies, including Folgers, Yuban, Kirkland, and most certainly Charbucks, burn the living snot out of their beans. What’s left behind is barely recognizable as coffee. The beans are burnt so bad, that you’re literally drinking charcoal.

Charcoal, is simply burnt organic material, like wood or coffee beans. It is also poisonous to the human body. Yes, there are “detox” charcoal capsules that you can buy, but that charcoal has been modified dramatically to be compatible with the human body.

So, where does that leave use with burnt coffee? What’s upsetting your stomach isn’t the acid level of the coffee, it’s the burnt charcoal that you’re drinking. That’s what’s upsetting your stomach. If you’re going to drink burnt industrial coffee, you might as well save some money and just buy a bag of Kingsford Charcoal.

If you want to stop upsetting your stomach with coffee, then stop buying burnt coffee. When the beans are black, then they’re burnt. French Roast, Italian Roast, European Roasts are nothing more than marketing speak for different shades of “BURNT”. Stop It!

Typical K-Cup Coffee Beans

bitter and burntThere are only two kinds of coffee plants in this world; Arabica and Robusta. Robusta beans are cheap, grow like a weed, produces very bitter and very acidic coffee. On the other hand, Arabica beans are more difficult to grow, more costly, less acidic, and produce some of the best tasting coffee in the world.

K-Cup producers are notorious for buying the cheapest and worst coffee beans that money can buy. These industrial K-Cup producers are some of the most prominent buyers of burnt and bitter Robusta beans. Because K-Cup beans are of such low quality and high acid, these beans are typically roasted to a crisp, so that you can’t tell how bad they taste. 

Even if you do happen to find truly light roasted K-Cup coffee, it’s still most likely going to be robusta beans (bitter & high acid). K-Cups are typically little more than heart-burn waiting to happen.

Worst of all is that those K-Cups have been sitting in warehouses and on store shelves for months if not years. That’s another reason whey the coffee is so bitter. The bottom line is that there are 3 reasons why K-Cups suck.

  1. Lousy beans
  2. Burnt like hell
  3. Old as Methuselah

I hate to break it to you, but there really isn’t any decent industrial K-Cups with low acid and that tastes good. BUT I have good news for you.

Make Your Own Smooth Low Acid Coffee K Cups 

Low Acid Coffee K Cups

Here’s the magic solution to our problem of low acid K cup coffee that also tastes great. Make your own. Now, stick with me here. I know you want K-Cups because they’re fast and easy. So, here’s how we’re going to do it (Fast & Easy).

              1. Go to Amazon and purchase several reusable K-Cup pods ($10-20)
              2. Purchase 1 pound of fresh roasted, high quality, Arabica beans (preferably from us)
              3. Grind the beans medium-fine
              4. Put the grounds into each of the pods
              5. Place all the pods into a Zip-Loc or air-tight container
              6. Add (2 or 3) 100cc oxygen absorbers (optional – cheap – Amazon) into the air-tight container
              7. Now you’re ready to make low acid k cup coffee

If you really want to save time, I’d buy as many reusable K-Cup pods as you would use in 1 week. Right after grinding the coffee, fill all the pods with your coffee grounds, and then put the pods into a gallon size zip-loc bag. I’d also buy the oxygen absorbers (Amazon) and add a few of those into the bag. Now, you’re ready to go. You can do all this in under 5 minutes.

Why Make Your Own Low Acid K-Cup Coffee 

  1. conservative coffee roasterThe coffee is super fresh
  2. There’s no discernible acid so it’s super easy on your stomach
  3. In an air-tight container, with oxygen absorbers, they’ll last for weeks
  4. The initial setup will take 5 minutes per week
  5. Lastly and most importantly is that you’re still using your K-Cup maker which is wickedly fast and easy.
  6. The quality of your coffee will be amazing. The taste difference is incredibly profound.

Lake City Coffee

How To Make Amazingly Smooth CoffeeMy wonderful wife Alisha and I (Russell) started Lake City Coffee with one purpose in mind; to roast the smoothest coffee in the world just for home brewers like you. We carry:

                1. One super smooth, very tasteful bean (Costa Rican)
                2. 3 roasts (Barely Dark, Medium, and White)
                3. Super fresh (Delivered in 24-72 hours)

We roast and ship every Tuesday. If you’re curious how good our coffee or we are, then just to to the top of any page and click the “Reviews”.  You’ll laugh and enjoy the stories on this page and you’ll most likely find that we’re you’re kind of people and our coffee is just what you’re looking for.

From Our Roaster To Your Table In 24-72 Hours

Free Shipping On 3 Or More Bags

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