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According to Greater Spokane Incorporated (GSI), on the average, every dollar spent in Spokane gets passed around 7 times.  So, spending money at local Spokane Coffee Roasters helps you, your family, your friends, and your neighborhood.

Fresh – Local – Organic

Coffee Roasters in SpokaneAdditionally, local coffee is generally fresher.  In fact, you should never drink coffee that’s older than 30 days past the roast date.  That’s because there’s a distinct difference in flavor after 30 days.  You see, all coffee starts going stale, i.e. bitter, in 30 days.  Here’s the rub.  A vast majority of coffee roasters do not mark the roast date on their coffee bags.  Why?  Because they don’t want you to know how disgustingly old the coffee is.

You would think that Coffee Roasters in Spokane WA would be different.  You would think that they would prominently display the roast date.  But, to a large extent, they don’t.

Fresh Roasted Beans

smoothest coffee beans

Here’s the bottom line.  The fresher the roasted coffee the better the taste.  And I’m not talking about a minor difference.  The difference in taste is huge.  So, why don’t Coffee Roasters in Spokane offer super fresh roasted coffee?  It all comes down to economics.

Smoothest Coffee In Coeur d'AlenePlainly said, Coffee Roasters in Spokane, just like any city, make more money if they can provide their distribution network with a product that can sit on a shelf for at least 30 days.  As long as consumers don’t care if they’re getting stale coffee, then roasters are going to continue selling bitter and burnt industrial coffee.

Not here at Lake City Coffee.  We’re, what many consider, one of the best Coffee Roasters in Spokane, because we roast and ship on the same day.  Providing super fresh coffee delivered anywhere in the country in 24-48 hours.

From Our Roaster To Your Table In 24-48 Hours

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