Lewiston Coffee Roaster

Why do the local Lewiston Coffee Shops keep buying burnt and bitter industrial coffee from out of town?  Don’t they know that Lewiston coffee drinkers aren’t like Seattle or Portland Coffee drinkers?  Lewiston & Clarkston coffee drinkers want real coffee from a Lewiston Coffee Roaster that doesn’t over roast the beans.  If we liked burnt and bitter coffee, then we’d live on the left coast.  But we don’t.  Coffee drinkers in Lewiston aren’t interested in seeing and being seen like our big city cousins.  That’s why we don’t sit in limp-wristed coffee shops trying to look cool.  We have places to go and work to get done.  This isn’t high school any more.

Lewiston Coffee RoasterNot The Sugar Shack

I’m not talking about foo-foo big city coffee.  Little girls are fine drinking liquid candy bars (a.k.a. double shot decaf espresso with skim milk, mocha, whip cream, and sprinkles) from the sugar shack.  But real men and real women who are willing to man-up (or woman-up as the case may be) to real coffee, this is who we are.  What do I mean by real coffee?  I mean smooth, with real coffee flavor; not burnt to crisp; piss-poor coffee.  If you want burnt coffee, then for God’s sake, go buy some Kingsford Charcoal and save yourself some money.  Besides, you won’t be able to taste the difference between Kingsford and Starbucks.

ILewiston Coffee Roastert’s high time that Lewiston Coffee Roasters stop following what Seattle and Portland dictate.  That’s where Lake City Coffee comes in.  As the new boys on the block, we’re taking Lewiston Coffee Roasting to a new level.  The Lewiston Coffee Roaster status quo is over.  If you want damn good coffee, then here’s what you need to know.

Lewiston Coffee Roaster

First of all, here’s a little known, but very important, fact that is lost on most Lewiston Coffee Roasters.  All coffee.  That’s right;  ALL coffee starts going stale and bitter in few short weeks and no amount of space-age packaging or storing can change that fact.  The big industrial coffee companies knows this.

That’s why they burn the snot out of the beans, so that you’ll never know that it’s gone stale.  The only solution is to roast it yourself, just like your great-grandma used to do, or you buy your whole bean coffee from us.  We roast and ship every Monday morning, with delivery to your door-step on Tuesday.  Now, it don’t get more fresh that that.  Tell me, how many Lewiston Coffee Roasters are doing that?

Lewiston Coffee DrinkerWhole Bean Organic

Obviously, freshness is a huge factor to good, no great coffee.  Another key factor is the beans.  Lewiston coffee shops and  Lewiston grocery stores, specialty health food stores, and Lewiston Coffee Roasters seem to feel that they have to compete with Costco and Starbucks prices.  That’s why they purchase the cheapest damn beans that they can find, which produces the same bitter and burnt industrial coffee that you’ll find in Seattle.

We, on the other hand, source our beans from one country (Costa Rica), from one region (Tarrazu).  Why?  Because these beans are particularly smooth, with subtle hints of chocolate and spice.  But of course you can’t taste that “real” coffee flavor if you burn the snot out of the beans.  That’s why we gently roast our coffee,  just like your great-grandma did; low-n-slow.  And like your great-grandma’s coffee, it’s super fresh.

If you’re looking for soul satisfyingly smooth coffee, then you need to go no further than Lake City Coffee.   As the best Lewiston Coffee Roaster, we’ll make sure you get the freshest coffee in the state.

From Our Roaster To Your Table in 24 Hours

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