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Lake City Coffee Reviews

“Better Than The Last Drop” – Flo of Jacksonville, FL (April 16th, 2020)

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Your Majestic Medium is better than the last drop. It was “the best”. It took me about 4 pots to figure out how much to use to get the taste I was looking for. My husband said he had never had coffee taste like that before (and he didn’t care the price) But don’t bring that store bought back to our home. 

We have a friend that works at Maxwell House and he tried your Lake City Coffee Majestic Medium and was amazed.  He never knew coffee could be so good.  He said that coffee smelled good but didn’t taste like it smelled and he said yours was outta this world. 

It has the most smoothest coffee, yet richest taste not having to use as much as you would with the regular store bought coffee. I will defiantly will be adding you to my monthly “need to order list”.  

I won’t go back to the store again as long as you are roasting. Thank you! FloAnn 😁

“Exceeded Expectations” – Jon of Paducah, KY (March 25th, 2020)

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Hey Russell,

My wife picked up some coffee to tide us over because I’m unorganized and faulty to start with. Once again, I realize how spoiled we are since buying coffee from you.

This crapola from the local coffee shop is supposed be “Jamaican Blue Mountain” coffee. In reality, it’s some stank-ass, acidic, voodoo-swill that’s used to clean metal gun parts in what used to be eastern bloc countries.

The kinds of chemicals that are immediately harmful, but not really without OSHA standards to enforce it. Can’t wait for your coffee to arrive again.

Thank you Scott

“Best Decaf” – Bill of Phoenix, AZ (February 21st, 2020)

Best Lake City Coffee Reviews

I love all of the coffees at Lake City Coffee. I’m particularly keen on the Delectable Decaf because I can’t drink too much of it.

It just wouldn’t be fair to everyone around me if I drank that much of the regular coffee. You’d be pealing me off of the ceiling.

But your Decaf is unlike any other decaf that I’ve ever had; smooth, easy on the stomach, and tastes good too.

Kudos Buddy! Keep on Brew-n!

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“Smoooooth” – Totally Anonymous (Jan 23rd, 2020)

Super smooooooooth coffee with zero bitterness. I am a very picky coffee drinker and I loath any hint of bitterness.

This bew, to me, hits the mark.


“Sometimes You Just Know” – Sue of Las Vegas, NV (Jan 14th, 2020)

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Some folks can’t tell a brewed coffee bean from a Lima bean. But I can.

We received Russell & Alisha’s freshly roasted Lake City Coffee beans & brewed a pot immediately on arrival. It turns out, that so far, a blend of medium & dark roast provides a smooth, even flavor with the tiniest of bites in the aftertaste. A very nice surprise.

I posted our pleasure so the Twitter-verse should be “a-buzz” with excitement (Ha)! I just had to share our enthusiasm of this coffee here on Russell & Alisha’s Lake City Coffee Reviews. Russell and Alisha apply an artistic hand to roasting with a strong dose of business acumen tossed in . The combo is terrific.

We’ll be checking out the Decaf & light roast next. Nothing like blending your own flavor-test at home. Thanks, Russell & Alisha for a real treat!

Lake City Coffee Review by Danny of Miami, FL (December 28th, 2019)

I am very picky about my coffee and stumbled upon this website while searching for the smoothest coffee with no bitter aftertaste.

I’m trying to cut down on my sugar intake and just can’t do so with the supermarket coffee I was drinking. I am amazed to report I can really enjoy a cup of Lake City Coffee without any sugar at all, in fact I crave it daily.

The claims on their website are credible. But it doesn’t stop there. Russell is a true small business owner that cares about his clients and took the time to get to know what I am looking for in the perfect roast and roasted the coffee I wanted rather than forcing me to choose from the selection available.

Great coffee delivered with personalized service. 5 Stars All The Way!

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