How Are Lake City Coffee Drinkers Wonderfully Weird

If you’re a Lake City Coffee drinker, then you’re not the average American coffee drinker.

American Coffee Drinkers

The following statistics come to us from the recently released National Coffee Association’s 2018 report on coffee trends. Overall, most of the numbers have been on a small but steady increase since 1999.

  • 64% of Americans drink coffee dailylake city coffee drinkers
  • Americans 55+ are more likely to drink coffee daily than younger Americans
  • 79% of coffee drinkers brew their coffee at home
  • The average coffee drinker drinks 2-3 cups per day
  • Specialty artisan coffee (the good stuff) has 16% of the market
  • Over 80% of home brew coffee is made with a drip machine

Lake City Coffee Drinkers

A quick look at the numbers below and you’ll wonder, “How does Russell know this much about us?” I may be a coffee expert, but more importantly I’m a people person. Not surprisingly, I’ve had long conversations with many of you. Not only do we talk coffee, but we also talk about many other subjects, ranging from politics to faith, from history to technology, from family to business.

  • Most of you are 50+, conservative, Christians
  • 55% of you order Majestic Medium, 40% Delectable Dark, 3% Decaf, and 2% White Lightning
  • On the average, you buy 3-4 bags of coffee every 4-6 weeks
  • About half of your brew your coffee using a drip machine. Most of the rest of you use an Aeropress, French Press, or Cold Brew
  • Almost all of you use a burr grinder
  • Most of you store your coffee in the original tin-tie bag

The Big Difference

Russell and Alisha Volz

Russell and Alisha Volz

What truly sets you apart from most coffee drinkers is your love for great coffee that’s super fresh and you appreciate good old-fashioned personal service. And frankly, that’s what I really enjoy about this business, getting to know and serve you all.  Merry Christmas – Russell & Alisha Volz


fresh roast coffee


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