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A good Kalispell coffee roaster should be just as different as are Kalispell coffee drinkers. This isn’t Seattle, Portland, or God forbid San Francisco. We’re different. This is a land that attracts hard working and hard playing folk. And that includes the way we drink our coffee.

Not The Left Coast

Kalispell Coffee RoasterFor our left coast friends, they need a caffeine jolt in the morning to just face another day of driving their leased Mercedes in six lanes of traffic, heading to a shitty job, so they can afford a $600,000 home with a view of their neighbor’s bathroom mirror. No wonder they need a jolt, but come on, double shot espresso decaf, with skim steamed milk, fat-free whip cream, and sprinkles? That’s not coffee! And that’s not a life.

Fortunately, we live in the Kallispell area so that we can live a life. Life’s to be sipped and enjoyed, not just endured. That’s why we’re here. To us, coffee is an opportunity to relax and get centered; kind of a mini-vacation; where for a few minutes life slows down to just you and that cup of coffee. Now that’s what coffee in Kalispell is supposed to be like.

Kalispell Coffee RoasterAnd here’s how you can have a coffee experience like that every day. You make it yourself. That’s right. There isn’t a coffee shop or drive through in town that can make coffee, real coffee, anywhere near as well as you can in just 60 seconds. Check out this blog post “How to make the best gourmet coffee”.

Up until now, the challenge has been where to find real coffee. But let’s first define “real” coffee. What I’m talking about is smooth coffee, with real “coffee” flavor, never bitter, never burnt, and low acid. In other words, coffee that tastes like coffee, not charcoal.

Kalispell Coffee RoasterKalispell Coffee Roaster (coffee facts)

All coffee starts going stale in a few weeks and no amount of space age packaging or fancy storage can change that fact. The only way to have fresh coffee is to have it on your table within hours of roasting. The difference in flavor between old stale bitter coffee and fresh coffee is nothing short of amazing.

Most industrial coffee companies, and I include most other Kalispell Coffee Roasters, burn the snot out of their beans. If the whole bean coffee is black, then it’s burnt. If you want burnt, then buy Kingsford Charcoal.  Instead, we roast the old fashion way; low-n-slow, for a smoother coffee flavor.

The word blend is nothing more than marketing hype for, “We bought the cheapest damn beans that we could find and then blended them together.” Trust me on this. Single source coffee, i.e., coffee from the same field, is the only way to go. Additionally, you want high altitude grown, hand picked, and sun dried, organic coffee from Central America.  You can truly taste the difference. 

Bottom LineKalispell Coffee Roaster

If you’re a real coffee lover looking for a Kalispell Coffee Roaster that delivers top quality, super fresh coffee to your door, then Lake City Coffee is your best whole bean coffee. We’re not the oldest Kalispell Coffee Roaster, but we are the freshest.  Give us a try.

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