Is Too Much Coffee Bad? The Definitive Answer

Is too much coffee bad for you? Well that depends on who you listen to.

Scientists, Researchers, & Doctors

is too much coffee badScientists report that 90 minutes of direct sunlight in the Mohave Desert in August may cause sunburn. Furthermore, researchers have proven that Hawaiian surfers with open bleeding wounds may attract sharks. Not surprisingly Doctors also tell us that drinking a case of beer or a full bottle of whiskey every day may make you an alcoholic. Oh, and here’s my favorite. Eating a dozen donuts a day might make you fat. Ya think?

Experts are often telling us to drink this or don’t drink that; to do this or don’t do that; or to avoid this or seek that. Then 10 years later they tell us the opposite.

Is too much coffee bad?

too much coffeeTake coffee for instance. Is too much coffee bad for you? For the last 20 years, researchers have been tell us that coffee is actually very beneficial to our health; curing everything from cancer and canker sores to diabetes and Parkinson’s disease; from liver disease and heart failure to premature death and mortality.

Then just recently, some these same experts, researchers, and scientists are trying to tell us that if we drink more than 10 cups of coffee every day it “may” be harmful to us. Ya think? It seems like researchers almost always prove what they’re being paid to prove.

Statistical Random Sample

coeur d'alene gourmet coffee

Yes This Is Me

So, to prove my point, I did a study of my own to answer the question, is too much coffee bad for you? No, I’m not a scientist or a doctor or a politician, or a celebrity. Like you, I am a coffee drinker. Ok, I’m also a master coffee roaster, but that won’t taint my research. I promise.

I asked a statistical random sample of people this question. Ok, maybe it wasn’t exactly a statistical sample. And maybe it wasn’t exactly a random sample. In all truthfulness, I asked a bunch of customers of Lake City Coffee this question. OK, ok, it wasn’t a bunch. It was one. Me.

Here’s the question. Why do you drink coffee? Ahh, you thought that I’d be asking Is too much coffee bad for you? I’ll get to that, but first we need to know why people drink coffee.

Why People Drink Coffee

coffee ivStatistically speaking, many people in America drink coffee for the jolt of caffeine. To them it’s a stimulant. Unfortunately, most of them are drinking coffee that’s been so over roasted, there’s hardly any caffeine left, thus their need for 10 cups a day.

From our statistical random sample of one, me, we found that 100% of Lake City Coffee’s customers drink coffee as comfort food. They drink coffee to relax. And guess what. When people relax, they are happier, more satisfied, more productive, and are healthier. Therefore, the result of our earth shattering research is this. Drink coffee and live longer.

coffee beanA Little Boy’s Test

So, is too much coffee bad for you? Well, as my mother told me, “Son, too much of anything will kill you.” To see if she was telling me the truth, I tried to drink enough water to kill me. Guess what. I lived, but I sure was sick.

Is too much coffee bad for you? In almost all cases, our statistical analysis proved quite the opposite. Coffee is good for you if you drink good coffee and if you drink it in moderation, roughly 8-24 ounces a day.

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