How To Make Fresh Roasted Whole Bean Instant Coffee

It’s “O-Dark-30” and you NEED coffee and you NEED it NOW, preferably before you strangle someone.  You might be tempted to grab some instant coffee.  DON’T DO IT!   You know Instant Coffee is going to be BAD coffee, but you need your fix and you need your fix quick.  I get that.  But instant coffee isn’t the solution.  Maybe there’s something better.

fresh whole bean coffeeStar Trek Joe

Yes, I now that Geordi La Forge on Star Trek’s U.S.S. Enterprise can just tell the replicator, “A cup of Joe, please.” And “poof” right out of thin air a cup of steaming coffee materializes right in front of his sleepy eyes.  Let’s look through a wormhole into the Star Trek universe and see how this is done. First, Geordi comes home after a hard day of balancing the warp core reactor, to find a bag of fresh roasted whole bean coffee sitting on his doorstep. He tosses the beans into a small space-age device, which suspiciously looks like a replicator. The following morning, Geordi, walks over to the space-age device and pours himself a cup of the most amazing coffee in the galaxy.

Costa Rican CoffeeNo Instant Coffee

Unfortunately, in our universe, we don’t have a replicators. But like Geordi, you’re too busy to make your own coffee, but you want it soul satisfyingly good. So, what’s a coffee lover in our space/time continuum to do?  Do not grab the instant coffee.  Here’s a solution that is 1000 times better than instant coffee and will be waiting for you, fresh, hot, steaming, goodness, at “0-Dark-30”.

order onlineOrder Online

  1.  Organic Costa Rican Whole Bean Coffee
  2.  Gently Roasted
  3.  Fresh: From our roaster to your table in 24-48 hours

No Instant CoffeeTime Warp

  1. When you get home from work, pick up the fresh coffee bag sitting on your door step.
  2. Place the fresh whole bean coffee on the counter.
  3. Put the beans in the hopper of your Cuisinart Grind & Brew.
  4. Add water to your Cuisinart Grind & Brew
  5. Press the “Program” button.
  6. Done.  The whole process might have taken you 30 seconds.

Now, tomorrow morning, you’ll wake up smelling the most amazing fresh roasted and fresh brewed coffee in the world.  And it you didn’t have to lift a finger.  It’s almost like magic.  And if it makes you feel better, while you’re still in bed, just say, in your best Geordi La Forge imitation, “Computer, on cup of Joe”.

Epilogue:   For those nights that you get home late from balancing your warp core and you just plane need some comfort food, then make yourself some of the best Decaf coffee that you’re likely to find anywhere in this galaxy.



best decaf coffee beans


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