How To Make Amazingly Smooth Coffee

When I tell people that I'm a coffee roaster, often people tell me, "When I was on vacation, I had the most amazingly smooth coffee, but I just can't get good smooth coffee here in the US." Then they go on to ask how to make amazingly smooth coffee? The answer to that question is pretty simple, but first let's define amazingly smooth coffee.

3 Ingredients To Smooth Coffee

  1. Costa Rican Coffee Beans
  2. Fresh Lightly Roasted
  3. Good Water
  4. AeroPress Brewer

fresh roasted coffee beansSmoothest Beans

Let's start by talking about them beans. God did not make all coffee beans equal.  Asian, African, and South Pacific beans tend to be bold and bitter.  Central American beans tend to be smooth and gentle to the palate.  Now I realize that's a huge over simplification, but in my experience, it's a fair rule-of-thumb.

After taste testing coffee from several continents, dozens of countries, and hundreds of plantations, I find that the best coffee beans come from Central America; more specifically the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica has the smoothest coffee beans on the planet.

We liked the coffee beans so much from this region that my wife, Alisha, and I took our honeymoon there. This is now the only coffee that we source.


conservative coffee roasterGently Roasting

Now that you know which beans are the smoothest, the next question is how to roast them. That's easy. Gently. That means the old fashioned low-n-slow over an open fire method. Amazingly smooth coffee is a dark brown and NOT black. Burnt-n-bitter over roasted charcoal coffee is for the ignorant non-discriminating palate. Sorry to be blunt, but that's how I feel.

Additionally regarding roasting, all roasted coffee starts going stale right away and no amount of space age packaging can change that fact.  Therefore, make sure your roasted coffee has a roast date that's not more than 30 days.

fresh waterFresh Water

The next major part of brewing amazingly smooth coffee is water. Let's face it, you're using premium coffee, then why not go the extra step and use good clean water. I know that sounds kind of trite, but it's true.

Chlorinated and processed water really does change the flavor of your coffee. If you can smell the water, then it probably will change the taste. Just to be on the safe side, I'd use filtered water or bottled water in a pinch.

Brewing Amazingly Smooth Coffee

Below is a list of brewing method recommendations in order from smoothest to boldest

  1. Cold Brew
  2. AeroPress
  3. Fresh Press
  4. Slow Pourover
  5. Drip Machine

How To Make Amazingly Smooth Coffee

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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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