CHRISTMAS Coffee Gift Giving Options

Hello Coffee Friends, Alisha and I pray that each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, which I guess officially kicks off the holiday season. So, now is a perfect time to be thinking about Christmas coffee gift giving options. It’ll be no surprise that I suggest that you start with giving our, nearly world famous, fresh roasted, Costa Rican coffee to friends and family.  For you and your family’s coffee culinary pleasure and addiction, Alisha and I have several items of good news for everyone. 

Coffee Gift Giving Options

We are going to be as flexible as we can be to meet your gift giving needs. So, if you don’t see something that suits your fancy, just send us an email telling us what you want and together we’ll do our best to work out something that meets your needs.  

Smoothest Coffee Beans
Smooth As A Kiss Goodby
  1. Go to our website, make your gift choice, put in the address, pay for it, and we’ll do the rest. Whether you just want 1 order sent to your home or 10 orders sent to 10 homes, we can make just about anything happen (we borrowed some of Santa’s elves to help).
  2. For the first time, we’re offering 1/2 bags (roughly 1/2 pound) for $9.00 per bag. You will not find 1/2 bags on our website, so just email Alisha or Russell what you want and we’ll figure it out for you and then send to you a PayPal invoice (And as usual, you do not need a PayPal account, just a debit/credit card).
  3. If you’d like, we’ll even put into the box a personal Christmas note from you (in Alisha’s handwriting). Just tell us what you want it to say.
  4. Since Christmas Day falls on a Friday, Russell will be roasting and shipping on Monday instead of Tuesday. This should give USPS time to get your coffee to you by Christmas. We can’t guarantee USPS to be on time, especially for you folks on the East Coast. If that’s a concern, then just order the week before. 
  5. Shipping costs will be as usual. 
    • Orders of 3 pounds or more to the same address is free shipping (either 3 normal bags or 6 half bags)
    • Order less than 3 pounds to the same address and you’ll be paying the shipping rates calculated on our website or email us and we’ll calculate it for you.
    • We’ll be more than happy to ship varying combinations of roasts to multiple addresses.
  6. If the website is confusing for weird orders, then just email Alisha or myself. 
  7. Since we only sell whole bean coffee, make sure that your gift recipient has a coffee grinder, preferably a burr type grinder. If they do not, CLICK HERE for our coffee brewing equipment recommendations.

Costa Rican Tarrazu – Don Roberto Beans

coffee gift giving options
Alisha & Russell In Costa Rica

As you may remember, we always source 100% of our coffee from the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. Tarrazu beans are well know for being super smooth. Therefore, they’re perfect for coffee gift giving. You might be thinking, “Gee Russell, I hope you don’t run out.”

Good news!  

We’ve secured over 3,000 pounds of this divine bean. The same bean, which we’ve been selling for the last several years. This order should keep us going for at least six months. So, not to worry, we have plenty of beans.

Plans For 2021

blonde roast coffee
“2021? Bring It On Baby!”

Lake City Coffee has more than tripled its sales in 2020. We have no plans to change anything. Our business model is serving the best tasting, and freshest roasted whole bean coffee that you’re likely to find anywhere. We will continue sourcing coffee beans and maintaining roasting techniques that produce super smooth coffee. We will diligently deliver our coffee from our roaster to your table in 48 hours (in most cases). 

With KISS as our business model, we will continue to offer only 1 bean and 4 roasts. Lastly, as we have done from the beginning, maintaining close and personal lines of communication with our customers is paramount. Getting to really know our customers personally is the funnest part of this business. That’s why many of you have turned from customers into dear friends.

Our Christmas Gift To You

Coffee Nerds

Alisha and I pray that our Good Lord will bless each of you through the this Christmas and throughout 2021.

Just remember that we are a nation of Americans. We are tougher than tough times and more resilient than any virus. We fought for our right to be free once before and we’re willing to do it again. We’re smarter than the MSM pundits, and kinder to each other than any nation on earth. Regardless of what 2021 throws at us, we will survive. 

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year

From Our Roaster To Your Table In 48-72 Hours

Free Shipping On 3 Or More Bags

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