Health Benefits of Coffee

The health benefits of coffee are numerous and have been well documented for decades. The two video posted below are the best I've come across. They're both worth your time.



health benefits of drinking coffee

Essential Nutrients in Coffee

Coffee has over 100 different compounds, each with its own flavor and health benefits.

  • Riboflavin (vitamin B2)
  • Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5)
  • Mangnanese and Potassium
  • Magnesium and Niacin (Vitamin B3)
  • Bioflavonoids
  • Antioxidants

Isn't Coffee a Diuretic?

It's a common myth that coffee is a diuretic. Moderation is the key. Less than 16 ounces of coffee a day and the coffee (specifically the caffeine) is adding hydration to your body.

Over 16 ounces a day and the caffeine is reducing your body's hydration, that is unless you just drink more water. So, drink up. I know some very hydrated people that drink a pot of coffee a day, but they also drink a fair amount of water. Considering the health benefits of both coffee and water, I say drink equal amounts of both.

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Which is Healthier Light or Dark Roast

What makes coffee good? In essence, it's the oils in the roasted coffee beans that contain all the good healthy stuff AND the flavor. Therefore, the more oils you have, the more health benefits, caffeine, and taste.

So, which is healthier light or dark roast coffee. Well that would depend on which roast retains more oils in the beans. Burnt and bitter industrial coffee, like Charbucks, Folgers, Yuban, etc., burn the snot out of their beans, leaving behind little more than charcoal.

On the other hand, lighter roasted beans retain more oils and are thus more healthy and in my humble opinion, taste a lot better than charcoal.

Health Benefits of Coffee

Here's the bottom line. The health benefits of coffee prove that coffee is good for you. Even so, moderation is a good idea. In my opinion, people who drink a ton of coffee usually are drinking second rate coffee. Therefore, they're drinking more and more coffee to get that comfort food feeling.

If you really want to truly enjoy the taste and health benefits of awesome coffee, then buy good quality beans that are fresh roasted (less than 30 days).

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Coffee Pour Over Made In USA
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Stress The Big Killer

Many people think that heart disease is the number one cause of death in U.S. It isn't. Stress is the number one killer, which by the way is the primary factor in heart disease. Here's a truth that you can take to the bank. Reduce your stress and you'll live a longer and much happier life.

One of the best things that you can do to reduce stress is take the minimal time and effort to eat and drink comfort food. Coffee is the number two commodity sold in the world. Considering all the health benefits of coffee, the most important benefit of coffee is seldom mentioned and that is using coffee as a "comfort food".

Large burnt-n-bitter industrial coffee companies extol their product for the caffeine. We at Lake City Coffee think that coffee should be an experience to be savored, slowly, carefully, and thoughtfully. Imagine just you and that cup of heavenly coffee. All of a sudden, the world shrinks, the worries of the day recede, and life gets simpler. Oh, not for all day, but for these 5 minutes, it's your time, it's your time out, to just put everything in perspective by enjoying the moment and thus reducing your stress and living healthier and longer, all from a cup of coffee.

How To Brew Healthy Coffee

Buying good quality beans that are fresh roasted is only 50% of the "Awesome Cup of Coffee" equation. The other 50% is in the brewing. Do you know who can make the best coffee in the world? You! That's right. You can make better coffee than the finest coffee shops or 5 star restaurants in the world.

Look brewing great coffee isn't rocket science, but it does take a little experimenting on your part. Here's an article I wrote "How to Make The Smoothest Cup of Coffee". Trust me, you can do this.

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why roasted coffee doesn't last

When Is The Best Time To Drink Coffee?

Your body takes time to wake up. The human body is very complex. It simply takes time to get your brain in gear, your muscles warmed up, your digestive track to kick into gear, your heart and circulatory system to shift from nearly comatose to activity. That period between awakening and lucidness is your body's time to adjust.

That is why waking up to a cup of strong coffee is not the best idea. Yes, I know we all do it. I know better, yet the first thing I do is make my coffee. I must admit, I have trouble remembering who's coffee I'm making and if I've boiled the water yet.

Researchers tell us that caffeine's half life in your body is 6 hours. That means if you drink 100mg of caffeine, 12 hours later 25mg of caffeine are still in your body. Obviously, you want to go to bed at night with as little caffeine as possible. To answer the question, when is the right time to drink coffee? You may want it first thing in the morning, but your body wants coffee when it

Additionally, your body reacts to caffeine pretty fast. Therefore, your body reacts to caffeine best when you have food in your stomach. Given these facts, it's best to drink coffee after eating breakfast or lunch. For more details on this subject, see my article "When Is The Best Time To Drink Coffee".

Best Place To Buy Healthy Coffee

Here at Lake City Coffee we specialize in smooth and healthy coffee. (I laugh when I say "we". It sounds like we're a big organization. We're not, we're just a small Mom-n-Pop business.)

As for healthy coffee, we source 100% of our beans from small independent farmers in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica, who are notorious for growing the smoothest and most healthy coffee that you're likely to find anywhere.

Secondly, Alisha and I (Russell), roast and ship our whole bean coffee every Tuesday morning, so that your coffee will be fresher than you're likely to find anywhere else.

Our goal is to help you to make your coffee experience to be the smoothest and best coffee this side of heaven.

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