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Coffee is the second most traded commodity on the planet. Yet surprisingly, it’s also one of the most misunderstood. Even here in Spokane, where there’s a long tradition of local coffee roasting, people are still hard pressed to find same-day fresh roasted coffee.

Spokane Fresh Roasted CoffeeGreat Coffee Defined

Before we talk about fresh roasted coffee, let’s define world-class coffee. Frankly, it all depends on you. Let’s face it, a lot of people like burnt and bitter industrial coffee.

Good for them. But I’m guessing that’s not you. If you’re looking for a soul satisfying smooth cup of real coffee, then you should know that the key variable is buying beans that are super fresh.

Fresh Roasted Defined

Spokane fresh roasted coffeeLet’s define “fresh”. Here’s a little known fact about roasted coffee. Within 30 days, all roasted coffee is well on its way to being stale and thus bitter. Yet, a huge percent of roasted coffee in the US has been stored in warehouses or on grocery shelves for months if not years.

Sadly, industrial coffee companies have convinced consumers that their whiz-bang space age packaging will keep the coffee fresh. Not! They can freeze the beans, vacuum seal the beans, fill the beans with nitrogen, etc. It doesn’t matter. All that coffee is going to quickly turn stale and bitter. Maybe that’s why industrial coffee companies burn the snot out of their beans to mask the bitter taste of their old beans.

costa rican coffeeYou would think that the obvious solution would be to roast and brew all coffee within 30 days. Well, as the premier Spokane Fresh Roasted Coffee Company (Lake City Coffee), that’s exactly what we do.

In fact, we roast and ship the same day. We deliver from our roaster to your table in 24-48 hours, anywhere in the country.

Where’s The Roast Date?

Majestic Medium RoastCoffee connoisseurs worldwide agree that coffee is best brewed within 30 days of the roast date. So, all you have to do is look at the roast date, right? Unfortunately, a vast majority of roasted coffee, both industrial coffee roasters and even most specialty local coffee roasters do not include the roast date on the coffee bag.

When I started roasting my own coffee, I found that the fresher the roast the better the coffee. So, I clearly hand write the roast date on each package. Truly, the difference between old stale coffee and fresh roasted coffee is absolutely amazing. That’s why I roast and FedEx my coffee the same day, with guaranteed delivery anywhere in the nation within 24-48 hours.

Best Coffee Beans

Costa Rican CoffeeThere are a dozen variables that go into the taste of coffee. Each country, region, and farm has its unique taste. I buy and roast what I like. And I like super smooth, with zero bitter or burnt taste. I want to taste the bean, not the roaster. I want to taste all the subtle flavors that God put into growing those beans, like chocolate, citrus, or spice.

The smoothest and best coffee, IMHO comes from Costa Rica, specifically the region of Tarazzu and specifically the Amopola co-op. This coffee has consistently, year after year, been my all time favorite coffee. Maybe that’s one reason why my business, Lake City Coffee, has been consistently rated as the best Spokane Fresh Roasted Coffee.

Best Coffee Roast

Coeur d'Alene Whole Bean CoffeeFreshness is perhaps the most important variable in making truly great world-class coffee. Right behind that variable is how the beans are roasted. Industrial coffee companies, spearheaded in Seattle and Portland, typically buy inferior bitter beans. To mask that bitter flavor, they burn the snot out of the beans.

I on the other hand purchase the best Costa Rican beans that money can buy. Then I roast those beans the old fashioned way; roasting them gently and low-n-slow, over an open fire; leaving as much of the bean’s oils inside. Those oils are where all the bioflavonoids, antioxidants, caffeine, and flavor reside.

Keeping It Fresh

best online coffee roastersI’ve been wrestling with this question for years. No matter how you store your coffee, the taste is still going to degrade. Don’t buy that marketing BS that the big industrial coffee companies spew out.

Grocery stores, restaurants, and hotels approach me regularly wanting my coffee. I just turn them down. I know that sounds nuts, but let me tell you why. The retail coffee industry is all about shelf life. Everyone wants a minimum 60-90 day shelf life. And I just won’t do it.

I want my coffee on your table within 24-48 hours. Everyone tells me that I’m crazy. But I’ll tell you this. You can really taste the difference. I’m talking truly soul satisfyingly awesomely smooth coffee.

Straight Scoop, No PC, No BS

There’s a lot of marketing BS in this industry. Walk into any coffee shop and you’ll find them selling mostly milk, whip cream, caramel, chocolate, corn syrup, and sprinkles. And unfortunately, there’s very little real coffee going out the door. And what coffee that is being sold is burnt beyond recognition, all under the guise of gourmet roasts. It’s all marketing BS.

Spokane Coffee RoasterCase in point; 200 years ago, during the clipper sailing ship era, the bottom layer of coffee was often wet. Typically, the shippers would just dump the wet and spoiled layer into the harbor. Then some bright French entrepreneur decided to burn the snot out of the spoiled coffee and sell it to the poor. Then in the 1980’s another bright entrepreneur on the left-coast decided to buy cheap inferior bitter beans and roast the snot out of them. Guess what they called this burnt and bitter roast? You guessed it… French roast

We at Lake City Coffee only buy 1 kind of bean (Costa Rican) and only offer 3 roasts (light, medium, and barely dark). Frankly, if you’re looking for super smooth, flavorful, whole bean coffee, then that’s all you need.

Freshest Spokane Coffee RoasterSpokane Fresh Roasted Coffee

Fresh – Ground is an oxymoron. The minute you grind those beans the oils starts evaporating. And these oils are where the flavor resides. Therefore, always grind your coffee right before brewing it. That’s why we only offer whole bean Spokane Fresh Roasted Coffee.

In fact there is so much more flavor in our fresh roasted whole bean coffee that you won’t need cream or sugar. I’ll even go as far as to say that our whole bean coffee will likely be the best coffee experience of your life.

It’s All Freshness

conservative coffee roasterLook, I don’t want to be the next Starbucks. I really don’t even want to be the biggest Spokane Fresh Roasted Coffee Roaster. I just want to be the best Spokane Fresh Roasted Coffee Roaster. And to do that, I’m just staying focused on:

  1. Buying great beans
  2. Gently roasting them
  3. And delivering them fresh

With freshness as my focus, it’s no wonder that I’ve built the reputation as the Best Spokane Fresh Roasted Coffee. If you want your own Spokane fresh roasted coffee, all you have to do is order it right here on this website. And if you want to just talk coffee, then just give me a call.

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