Why Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans Taste A Lot Better

Do fresh roasted coffee beans really taste better? Well, to answer that question, you might consider this. Coffee beans aren’t really beans, they’re actually a fruit. Being a fruit, would you eat an apple or a peach or a pear that was a month old, or 6 months old, or a year old? Of course you wouldn’t. But that’s exactly what Starbucks, Folgers, Costco, and a hundred other industrial coffee companies would ask of you.

Fresh Roasted Coffee BeansFresh Roasted Coffee Beans vs. Stale Coffee

So, how much difference in taste is there between fresh roasted whole bean coffee and stale beans?  You would really notice quite a bit actually, as a matter of fact, you can take cheap lousy green beans, do a horrible roast, package them in tissue paper, and if the fresh roasted coffee beans are less than 30 days old, they’ll still taste a whole lot better than the stale industrial coffee served in nearly all coffee shops and sold in stores.

Coffee DrinkerSpecialty Coffee?

I’m often asked, “But what about Specialty Coffee”? Here’s a truth. Just because a big industrial coffee company says that their coffee is a “specialty”, doesn’t mean that it’s fresh roasted coffee beans. Actually, a vast majority of the coffee purchased in America has been sitting in warehouses and on store shelves for months if not years.

So, the obvious question is this. Where do you find fresh roasted coffee beans? First of all, look for the roast date on the bag. Good luck there. A quick perusal of Starbucks, a typical grocery store, and your local organic natural foods store, you’ll be hard pressed to find a “roast date” on any coffee bags. And don’t get confused between the “roast date” and the “expiration date”. The expiration date is typically 12-18 months after the roast date.

Bbest whole bean coffeeest Whole Bean Coffee

As a master Spokane Coffee Roaster, I can honestly tell you that if you want truly fresh roasted coffee beans, then your best bet is to order online directly from the roaster, like Lake City Coffee. We roast and ship the same day. That means your coffee is sitting on your table 24-48 hours after roasting. The difference between fresh roasted coffee beans and stale industrial coffee is nothing short of amazing.


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