Does Decaf Coffee Really Suck?

Real coffee drinkers like it black as the ace of spades, thick as maple syrup in January, and with more caffeine kick than a rodeo bronco. In fact if you’re the real McCoy, then you probably sneer at people that drink decaf coffee.


But the truth is this.  Real coffee drinkers do drink decaf. Think about it this way. Coffee’s your favorite drink. But, even if you wanted a cup of coffee in the evening, you can’t. It’d keep you up half the night.

Organic Decaf CoffeeOr what if your constitution just doesn’t handle caffeine well? You’d be tempted to have some decaf, but you’ve heard that industrial coffee companies use chemicals similar to formaldehyde to take the caffeine out. And you sure wouldn’t want to be drinking that, would you?

So, let me ask you something. What if you could get your hands onto some really good decaf? Come on tell me, if your evening decaf was “as” good as your morning regular coffee, wouldn’t you be tempted to have some at night? Sure you would.

Our Lake City Coffee whole-bean decaf is organic Swiss Water Processed and roasted exactly the same way as our regular roast, i.e., not over roasted. So, not surprisingly, it tastes the same. This is perhaps the best cup of decaf that you’ll ever experience.

In fact, we get more compliments on our decaf than all of our other roasts combined. Why? Well, first of all we start with super high quality organic beans, then we take the caffeine out using water. Water? Yep, it takes a lot of work, but Swiss Water Processed coffee retains the flavor, bioflavonoids, and antioxidants better than any other decaffeinating process.  Antioxidants

Delicious Decaf Coffee

So, if you’re a coffee lover like me, then click on our “shop” page, and scroll down to our Delicious Decaf Coffee. Oh, and by the way, never order any more coffee than you will drink in a month. Why? As a Spokane Coffee Roaster, I can categorically say that all coffee goes stale in 3-4 weeks. It doesn’t matter how you package it or store it. It’s still going to go stale, i.e., bitter, in 3-4 weeks.

So, check out our Lake City Coffee Delicious Decaf.









Decaf Coffee


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