Costa Rican Coffee Tarrazu

Let’s start off by saying that we are partial to Central American coffees, because of their smooth and naturally sweet flavor; particularly Costa Rican Coffee.  Why, you ask Costa Rican Coffee?  For years, we’ve sourced coffees from all over Central America.

Super Smooth Coffee

Costa Rican CoffeeThen we went to Costa Rica for our honeymoon.  Being coffee lovers, of course we had to stop into every coffee shop and roadside stand that we could find.  By and large, a lot of the coffee was on par with what we’ve been buying from Nicaragua.  Then one day we got into the Tarrazu coffee growing region.  We stopped as usual into a road side coffee shop, ordered a cup of coffee, and took one sip.  WOW!  This was the best coffee I had ever tasted; zero burnt, zero bitter and smooth as a long summer day in Costa Rica.

We found out who the grower of this fantastic coffee was and set up an appointment.  The next morning we met Frank, owner of Vista Al Valle Coffee Farm.  Frank was so gracious to spend most of the day with us.  We planted, we picked, and we raked.  Frank said that he was blessed to have a plantation at the right elevation, facing the right way, with the right kind of soil, and nearly perfect weather.  Maybe that’s why Frank and his neighbors have won the national Costa Rican Coffee Cupping awards on numerous occasions.

Needless to say, we now source exclusively Costa Rican Coffee.  We can’t always get Frank’s coffee, but if we can’t get it from him, then we buy from his neighbors.

Costa Rican Coffee Tarrazu

Costa Rican TarrazuOur super high quality, organic Costa Rican coffee is in sharp contrast to what American coffee drinkers are used to.  Let’s take a moment to talk about coffee beans in general. First of all, there are only two kinds of coffee beans in this world. Robusta, which grows like a weed, is cheap, and has a very nasty bitter taste. Then there’s Arabica, which is difficult and expensive to grow, and has a smooth, soul satisfying good aroma and taste.

Most of the coffee sold in the US has Robusta beans in it. And to get around the nasty bitter taste, most American roasters burn the snot out of the beans. Besides, by over roasting the beans, you’ll never know when they go stale; hence the typical burnt and bitter taste of most American coffee.

I want to make an important point here. I think you should drink whatever you like. If you like burn and bitter industrial coffee like Folgers, Maxwell House, Hills Brother, Costco’s Kirkland, or yes even Starbucks, then good for you. Drink what you like

Costa Rican CoffeeReal Coffee Taste

I hear people all the time say, “I like a good bold cup of coffee.” And I think, “Well Dude, you should save yourself some money and buy a 20 pound bag of Kingsford charcoal, grind and brew that, because it’s not that much different from what you’re drinking.”

I personally like a smooth cup of coffee that tastes like coffee not charcoal. But that’s just me. The question is how do you get a good cup of smooth coffee? Well, in a nut-shell (forgive the pun), you start off with really good organic beans, you don’t over roast them, and you drink the coffee while the roasted beans are fresh (less than a month).

So, we roast what we like to drink; specifically Costa Rican Coffee.  If you don’t like burnt and bitter industrial coffee, then you’ll love our super smooth Costa Rican Coffee.

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