Conservative Coffee Roasting Company Quits Yelp

As the most conservative coffee roasting company in America, I was shocked today to receive an email from Yelp promoting “Pride Week” in Spokane Washington. In the name of inclusivity and equality, they ask that I “get into the spirit” of their featured businesses. Frankly, all of us should have no interest in any kind of “spirit” that the LGBTQ crowd is passing out.

The Rise or Fall of the Nuclear Family

conservative coffee roasting companyThe LGBTQ agenda is ruining marriages (1 man + 1 woman), families, children, relationships, and lives.  In the name of inclusivity, instead we should be calling the LGBTQ movement what it truly is, “evil”. In the name of “equality” we should be equally fighting the LGBTQ movement, who are trying to destroy our country’s God given mandate to live moral lives.

Yes we’re a Spokane coffee company and yes we should stick to coffee.  I agree, but every once in a while you have to stand up and call a spade a spade.  I have no idea why my coffee industry is so replete with liberal irrational thinking.  Fortunately, there are good people like our customers that don’t buy the main stream media’s party line.  Fortunately, there are good people like you that can think for yourselves.

Done With Yelp

Conservative Coffee Roasting CompanyAll I can say is, “Yelp, shame on you!”  I’ve canceled my account and I encourage everyone to do the same. As Edmund Burke once said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. It’s time that we stand up to this tyranny.

Besides, come on!  How much help has Yelp really been to our business?  Actually, ZERO.  We’re an online eCommerce business.  Yelp is designed for brick-n-mortar businesses.  So for us,  dumping Yelp won’t even cause a tick in our sales.

Conservative Coffee Roasting Company

fresh roasted coffee beans onlineYelp, Google, Twitter, Facebook are all aligned against conservative business owners.  This may very well discourage conservative business owners to speak their mind.  When you speak your conservative mind, here’s what happens.

You end up pissing off a few people, BUT you also make 100 fans.  Conservatives obviously like your point of view and fence-sitters (half of America) like your honesty.  So, in my opinion touting our conservative coffee roasting company as conservative is a good thing.

Relax & Chill-Out

The Villages Coffee RoasterIn case this subject has you all in a tither, then my suggestion is to sit back and take a time-out with a cup of our soul satisfyingly smooth coffee.  Don’t take things too seriously.  Yes we have to do something to stop these people.  Just remember that eveyrthing’s in God’s hands.  And we know how it all ends.

Enjoy your coffee the most conservative coffee roasting company in America.

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