Dan Looking For A Conservative Coffee Roaster

Being a Conservative Coffee Roaster isn’t easy.  As hard as we try to hide our light under a basket, someone keeps kicking that darn basket over, laying our Bibles, guns, and protestant work ethic out in the open for everyone to see.  In the interest of protecting the few snowflake coffee drinkers that find their way to our website, we try to keep our values to ourselves.  THEN we get letters like this from Dan in Everett Washington.

Dan’s Quest

Conservative Coffee Roaster

“As to how I heard of your business, well, I went looking for it.  I did not like the political comments coming out of Starbucks and while normally, I don’t worry about a business’ politics, I just thought “Why am I spending so much money at a firm that seems to dislike me and mine so very much?  Actually, I don’t even really like their coffee *that* much.  Reconsidering, I’ve always thought it was too dark and bitter anyway.  Since, I drink a lot of coffee during the year, surely its worth the effort to do better”.

The Best Caliber For Coffee Hunting

Spokane Coffee RoasterThat’s why I went looking for a conservative coffee roaster.  Seattle’s Best?  Just another Starbucks subsidiary, so that’s out.   After that, I thought I’d go with the coffee that comes with our milk delivery, but Vashon Island not only tried to sell me a dark Italian roast for my morning coffee but left me wondering if I was buying coffee or donating to a self-congratulatory nonprofit whose goal was to save indigenous cultures.   Out of desperation,  I set myself the task of finding a better option.

Googeling Conservative Coffee Roaster

I googled “conservative coffee roaster” or some such, came across your blog from Feb 23, 2017, and read through your website.  An American, family-owned, NRA-friendly business that extols the virtues of the medium roast.  If I like Lake City Coffee , then I’ll be a regular and will be pleased that I was able to throw off my Starbucks’ shackles.  Fortunately, I have only my (coffee) chains to lose.

This is a long note, but you did ask.


Humble Beginnings

When Alisah and I started Lake City Coffee we agreed to be as transparent as we could be; to make sure that everything we did with our business reflected who we are.  To that end, we’ve been pretty successful.  Granted we’re hard core conservatives, but we never want to rub that into people’s faces.  Yet, we want to be true to ourselves.

We buy the best Central American coffee beans that money can buy.  We gently roast them the old fashion way; low-n-slow and never burnt.  Then we roast and ship via FedEx every Tuesday assuring fresh roasted coffee to your door within 24-48 hours anywhere in the country.

That’s what we do.  We hope you like our coffee.

Lake City Coffee

From Our Roaster To Your Table In 24-48 Hours











Conservative Coffee Company


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