Conservative Coffee Roasting Company Boycotts All Social Media

Just one conservative leaning social media post was all it took for Screwgle to label me as a Conservative Coffee Roaster and to brand Lake City Coffee as a Conservative Coffee Company. Although being called a conservative coffee company was never my intent, that is a name that I’ll take all day long.

Lemming Marketing

conservative coffee roasterThe question here isn’t if we’re a conservative coffee roasting company or not. Additionally, the fact that social media companies are discriminating against conservatives is not at issue here. My contention is that using social media for business marketing purposes is not cost effective.

Unfortunately, there is a ubiquitous consensus that success in business depends on effective use of social media, i.e. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Yelp, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. The myth goes something like this. “Just promote your product or company on social media and you’ll be a super success overnight.”

conservative coffee roasting companySocial Media Liars

I call social media success a myth because of this fallacy. Social media has to date launched very few super successful businesses into the stratosphere of business. For that time, for that place, for that industry, for that product, for that company, obviously social media worked. That’s all fine and dandy. Good for them, but would the same social media strategies and tactics work today for the typical small business?

Simply put, NO! 99 times out of a 100, the ROI of social media is negative. For the purpose of make money, social media is usually a waste of time and money. Why do I say that social media is ineffective? Experience.

Social Media ROI

bitter and burntIn addition to our conservative coffee roasting company, I’ve owned several other successful small businesses. All together, I spent thousands and thousands of dollars educating myself by some of the world’s best internet marketers and social media experts. I dumped many tens of thousands of dollars and over a decade into social media marketing campaigns.

The result; not once has a single social media campaign produced a positive ROI.  For that reason, I’ve cancelled all of my social media accounts. As a conservative coffee roasting company, it makes zero economic sense to give one more dime to Facebook, Google, Yelp, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Conservative Coffee Roaster

conservative coffee roaster

Russell Roasting

So what marketing has consistently been a success for Lake City Coffee?  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has by far been the most effective marketing that we’ve done.

The cost is nearly zero and has consistently produced a steady stream of new customers.  If you’re a small business owner, my recommendation is that you too drop all of your social media campaigns and focus on those marketing campaigns that actually work.




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