Coffee subscriptions and coffee clubs are all the rage with online coffee companies; except ours. We have something much better than a coffee subscription or a coffee club. Allow me to explain.

Coffee Subscriptions

coffee subscription

Coffee Subscriptions are supposed to save you time and money. Here’s a tip. They don’t. You end up with coffee you don’t like and at a time that you don’t want it and thus you end up wasting both time and money.

Coffee Clubs on the other hand pick a been-of-the-month for you and you hope that you like it. Good luck with that. The difference in taste between a Guatemalan bean and a Papa New Guinea bean is like the difference between night and day. Let’s just hope that you like the bean they just sent to you because you’ve already paid for it.

32 Flavors of Coffee

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Most coffee companies offer 32 different coffee beans and a dozen different roasts. Why? Because they think that more is better. I don’t know about you, but when I go to Baskin Robins for ice cream, I get apoplexy just trying to make up my mind. There are just too darn many choices.

At the end of the day, most companies believe that more is better because to them it’s all about marketing. “We have more than our competition”.  This way of thinking is nuts when most people couldn’t tell the difference between a Sumatra and a Columbian bean. And why should they care, when “the bean” is less than a ¼ of the “great cup of coffee” equation.

12 Coffee Roasts

how to make coffee taste good

Both coffee subscriptions and coffee clubs also include a variety of roasts; Vienna roast (ewwwwhhhh sounds exotic doesn’t it?), French Roast, Italian Roast, etc., etc., etc.  Each roast is supposed to give you a different taste. They don’t. What they give you are different shades of “burnt”.

In reality, there are only 4 roasts; Light, Medium, Dark, and BURNT! Obviously, I don’t burn my beans. You may be asking me, “But Russell everyone else burns their beans. Why don’t you?”  I hate to tell you this, but you’d be asking the wrong question. The question isn’t why don’t I burn my beans, but more importantly, “Why does everyone else burn their beans?” 

Low-n-Slow Roasting

Gently Roasted

For industrial coffee companies, time is money. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Time is time and money is money. Green coffee beans have oils in them. It’s those oils that contain all the bioflavonoids, antioxidants, caffeine, and flavor. If you roast your bean hot-n-fast, then you loose those awesome oils.

For me, time is my friend. That’s why I roast low-n-slow, just like your Great-Grandmother did. For me, it’s all about roasting to the perfect color; golden (often called white coffee); medium brown; and barely dark.  Notice you didn’t see black or burnt. Only an idiot would burn the snot out of a perfectly good coffee bean.

Burn & Bitter Industrial Coffee vs. Super Smooth

good for nothing coffee

I hate burnt and bitter industrial coffee. What I love is super smooth AND flavorful coffee. And if it has a hint of chocolate, then I’m all in. Year after year, we have a blind taste testing completion in our kitchen and year after year, we end up picking one farming co-op or another from the Tarrazu region in Costa Rica. Last year we picked Amapola. This year we picked Don Roberto.

Therefore, we source only 1 bean. Will one bean work for you? If you like super smooth coffee with distinct notes of chocolate, then 1 bean will work wonderfully for you.

Fresh Coffee Beans

Stronger Coffee

Here’s another reason most online coffee companies offer coffee subscriptions or coffee clubs. Most industrial coffee companies keep a large inventory of roasted coffee and they’re looking for marketing systems like coffee subscriptions or coffee clubs in order to get rid of their old inventory.

Here’s a truth that few companies will tell you. All roasted coffee starts going stale, thus bitter, within 30 days of roasting and no amount of space age packaging can change that fact. Therefore, the fresher the roasted bean the better the coffee taste. So, your ONLY solution is super fresh coffee. That’s why we roast and ship the same day.

How To Keep Your Coffee Fresh

fresh roasted coffee beans

We offer free shipping with all orders of 3 bags or more. If fresh coffee is what you want, then why order more than 3 bags at a time. I don’t know, but some people like ordering 4, 5, 6, or more bags at a time. Well, crap! That leaves a big problem. How do you make that last bag as good and fresh as the first?

I’ve struggled with this question for years. Finally a customer of ours came up with a partial solution, of which I perfected. Here is a LINK to an article that I wrote after months of experimentation on how to make that last bag as fresh tasting as the first. It’s not perfect, but most people can’t tell the difference between the first bag and the last bag.

Coffee Club Fallacy

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Is the purpose of coffee clubs or coffee subscriptions to make placing orders easier for you or to make business easier for the roaster?  I’ve found that coffee clubs and coffee subscriptions to be a PIA for most customers.

One week they want an extra bag, another week maybe a bag less, other weeks they want to push their order back a week.  These systems are so rigid that you end up with coffee that you don’t want.

Lake City Coffee’s Reminder List

Coeur d'Alene Coffee Roaster
Alisha and Russell in Costa Rica Checking Out The Beans

Oh, you want 2 of this and 1 of that. Next time it’s 2 of that and 1 of this. Last time it was 3 weeks between orders and this time it’s 5 weeks between orders. Obviously what’s needed is something that’s easy AND flexible for you. That’s why I have a reminder list. You tell me how often and how much coffee you want, and when the time is right for you, I send you an email asking you what you want and if you want it this week or next. Once I know what and when you want it, I just email to you an invoice. Easy-Peasy!

Flexibility and ease of ordering is the key. All you have to do is tell me, “Hey Russell (or Alisha), please remind me every 4 weeks” or whenever. Then you’ll get an email from your very own personal friendly coffee roaster (Lake City Coffee).

I hope that helps you. Just let us know when you want a friendly email reminder.

From Our Roaster To Your Table In 48-72 Hours

Free Shipping On 3 Or More Bags

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