Coffee By The Numbers

How you drink your coffee might say something about you. There’s no shortage of coffee statistics.  If you’re an American, you’re most likely a coffee drinker. In fact, 54% of American’s drink coffee daily. As a coffee drinker, you probably make your own coffee, since only 1/3 of American coffee drinkers regularly frequent a coffee drive thru or coffee shop.

coffee statisticsCoffee Statistics

If you gulp your coffee black, then you’re most likely a man from the mid-west. On the other hand, if you prefer your caffeine sipped from a latte cup, then you’re more likely to be a woman on the east or west coast. If you use sugar in your coffee, you’re probably from the south. And Millennials are more likely to drink their coffee cold. And generally, men will drink 3-4 more cups of coffee per day than women.

Prior to the 1970’s there was only two condiments to go with your coffee; milk or sugar. Today, there seems to be no end to the variety of ways to have your coffee. Yet with all these new fangled choices, is the coffee any better?

coffee by the numbersBetter Coffee

Well, better is a relative term.   The average cup of “Joe” from the 1940’s used to have nearly zero calories and the average coffee drinker consumed only two cups per day. Oh, and that’d be a 6 ounce cup. By contrast, today’s 16-ounce full-bodied mocha contains upwards of 400-500 calories. And don’t forget that most coffee shop customers have two of these per day!

As a master coffee roaster, I can confidently say here’s a fact that’s lost on most coffee drinkers in America; “Better coffee is better for you.” If you drink freshly roasted, freshly ground, and freshly brewed coffee, you’ll enjoy the coffee so much that you won’t want to add sugar, cream, corn syrup, chocolate, caramel, or any other flavoring. Additionally, by drinking quality coffee, you won’t want a lot of it; one or two cups a day will be satisfying enough.

The bottom line is this.  Drink what you like.  But if you’re looking for a soul satisfyingly smooth cup of coffee, look no further.

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