Response To Price Increase

Dear Alisha and Russell,

This is the most open book email I have seen from a “supplier” or business owner at year-end, I do think ever. 30+ years in manufacturing and nobody has ever made me want to buy MORE of something with a price increase email until today. You two are a prize pair! I assure you that your attitude towards business, and most importantly towards God and Country, are the bedrock foundation that will not just hold you up in 2024, but allow you to further grow and prosper.

I will be honest with you now. My wife and I typically only hand grind and enjoy your coffee on weekends. As a luxury. On week days, we typically fall in the group who drop and consume our coffee from Keurig and Nespresso pods. It is easier, faster and cheaper. But God too has blessed us above measure in 2023 and into 2024. In great appreciation of your commitment to honor Him in all you do (and because of your below email), I will commit to putting pen to paper to formulate a plan to use more of your product in 2024 and at your higher price.

It may not be noticeable to your accountant, but I believe wholeheartedly that if a cup of water in the Lord’s name has power, then so does a cup of coffee. So I commit this effort to you both and many cups of coffee in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ with His blessing and His bounty. May your business DOUBLE in 2024 by His miraculous power. And tell your accountant to get ready!


In Christ Alone