Patriot Coffee Company

Hi Russel.  I love the medium roast!  I like the dark roast, but my daughter is not a dark roast person and impatiently waited for it to be gone so we could go back to the medium.  I use to get coffee from black rifle coffee, but I was not impressed.

I was longing for good coffee so I (don’t laugh) did an internet search for a conservative or Patriot coffee company.  I do not want to support a woke company.  Your site came up and I began to read through your information.

I was thrilled to see that you are not only a Patriot, but more importantly, a Christian.  Your “best cup of fresh roasted coffee story” sealed the deal.  I had to try it.  Now when I think of coffee, my brain brings the smell and taste of your coffee to mind.  You were right and I’m glad I did that internet search.