Stumbled across this awesome coffee while searching the internet for best long term storage methods for coffee beans. After reading their website and learning about coffee roasting as well as their beliefs and values, I decided to try it and I’m so happy I did. We ordered a bag of each of the dark, medium and White Lightning roasts. I loved them all. My wife preferred the dark roast (which is not over roasted like so many dark roast coffees!). The White Lightning is very lightly roasted so the bean is a nice golden color and when they say it has a peanut butter type scent, they aren’t lying! There is less caffeine in it so I like it for a nice afternoon coffee to brew. The owners communicate well and after the Tuesday roast day, your coffee arrives quickly! I’ve had a lot of coffee in my 59 years and can honestly say that few have compared to Lake City! We are now waiting for our second order to be roasted tomorrow and shipped out to us! Thank you for your passion for a great cup of coffee and willingness to share it with the world, Russell and Alisha!